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Wed 2012/04/18 15:10 JST
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Just sharing some fanarts (3 to be precise) that I have in my collection. BTW, this aren't mine. Just something I've requested a long time ago.


Batman and Saber.

This art was inspired for my BatmanXFate/Stay Night fanfic idea that I have yet to make. The thing is, I already have the idea how to start of the story, how the rest would follow, and how it's going to end. Unfortunately, real-life affair have prevented me from doing so. T_T

But, just in case you guys are dying to know about my my fanfic idea, here's a little detail of the story.

10 years after the 4th Holy Grail War, a paradox have cause the 5th Holy Grail War to take place on Gotham instead of Fuyuki City. Fate and Jason Blood have summoned Batman to inform him of this event and persuade him to join the Grail War as a Master. Batman hesitantly agree in order to prevent Gotham from meeting the same end as Fuyuki City 10 years ago. Fate and Jason help Batman to summon his very own Servant, Saber. After recruiting Saber to the Bat Family, Batman later have Saber teamed up with Robin to patrol the streets of Gotham while Batman researching every information regarding the Grail War. Batman later will face some of his Rouges, with some of them being tied to the Grail War. Familiar faces (Masters) from Fate/Stay Night will also make an appearance. Some of the characters from Fate/Stay Night are changed (appearance-wise and history-wise) due to the paradox.

BTW, the event takes place after Infinite Crisis.


Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Rider. The first fan team-up that I've made before the fanfic idea come to place.


And finally, nothing related to the fanfic idea. Rider and Rainbow Dash.

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a secret lair · Noob cosplayer