1st DD + face up attempt 1

Thu 2012/04/19 04:25 JST
Pigeons kept telling me to "keep it cooool". good advice

I've got my first DD days ago and have absolutely no idea how to handle it. I only collected Gundams and PVC figures so this is the 1st time I deal with curly hair. I've gotten Yukino 2nd version from Volks USA, some wigs from Miruya.com. For some odd reason, I found a SQ Lab head irresistible and got it from a fellow DD owner here.

I still know next to nothing about DDs. So any advice would be much appreciated. Where can I find outfits/wigs? How should I handle curly hair? Is there a correct way to put on socks? should I take off the wig before putting on the outfits? too many questions...

I then ordered some supplies from Volks due to the following logic: I had to get Gundam markers when I buy a Master Grade, so maybe I should get some paints and brushes for DD. (I just remembered I've never painted a Gundam before). I was thrilled when that package arrived a few hours ago. So I might as well share that experience.

Today's package had:
ZM Powder Spray UV-Cut
ZM Make Pen
ZM paper Palette
Eye Putty
Acrylic - Make Set
Brush #5



I followed some advice from the volks site and ordered some of their recommended items.


the pretty SQ Lab face before I start messing with it


was kind of surprised the paint bottles are so tiny


no black paint! that was my initial reaction, actually that saved me


comparison of the pen tips (didn't use the gundam marker)


used the Make pen, these can be erased with water


After numerous attempts.... paint dried up before I can use it. didn't know how to use paint thinners.... and used the Palette paper on the wrong side... erased the Make pen marks by accident... what's the probability of 40 accidents occurring in an hour?

Didn't stop there, let's try the eye putty



something's off.... the eye putty really saved me, it is easy to adjust the position


With the wig covering some mistakes, I guess not that horrible for the 1st time. She'll forgive me for now.


Updates, 2nd attempt. Used a pencil instead of the VS make pen for draft and used less thinner. Had the courage to paint the mouth this time.

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Pigeons kept telling me to "keep it cooool". good advice