Mamimi's One Year Anniversary

Mon 2012/04/23 09:11 JST
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I am a horrible DD Papa. I am a whole week late with this post! T_T

Mamimi came to me one year ago, on 4-16-11. She was the first custom girl I ever put together by myself. She was also a secret from my friends... I got her DDS body from a good friend and we kept her hidden until my reveal. I found her head on Flcikr and altho the pics were grainy, I knew that this was the one for me.

Mamimi was made as a direct little sister to Manami. I always wanted a little sister with the same head as Manami but I wanted her to have blue eyes instead of red ones. It took some time to get the right ones but I finally had her whole and added her to the family as Manami's little sister.

So for her birthday, I wanted to do another retrospective so people could see her over the past year.


This was the first picture I ever took of Mamimi! She didn't have her blue eyes yet so I gave her Mai's defaults just so she would have some eyes.


And here she is with her blues! She was also showing off her new PJ set from Anne. Since she was one of the first DDS bodies in the US ( she's a Marisa body ), I took many pics of her posability for people to see. It was amazing at how flexible she was.


Here she is modeling one of her favorite Volks sets. She really enjoyed this outfit and wore it for quite a while.


Mamimi cat-napping in the sink. She got this Volks kitty set and wore it for days, pretending she was a kitty. She got worn out and fell asleep here. =3


Here she is modeling her tartan set. I love this pose she's doing... such an innocent look! =3


Magical Kitty Girl Mamimi! XD


Akira's default set. It's way too cute on her.


Outside checking out flowers in a school uniform.


I love this little sleep shirt a friend made for her. She is too sweet in this!


With her big sister Manami. Both of them are sporting clothes from the dollar store. XD Those are supposed to fit teddy bears but work ok for DD's.


Mai and Mamimi modeling their new undies from Volks.


And here, she's showing off the new hat and scarf she got from DancingQueen.


Here's a sneak peek at an upcoming post where Mamimi is dressed up as a kitty again. She seems to enjoy doing that. =3


This is from when we went to Brookgreen gardens in Myrtle beach. She found some pretty flowers out on the lawn area.


Also at Brookgreen. Love those flowers behind her.


And finally, a little bonding time with me and Mamimi, out at Brookgreen. I was fixing her hair and a friend snapped this pic of us.

She's a great girl and love her tons. I hope we have lots more years between us. =3

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Anime watcher and DD collector. And now the proud Papa of 19 Dollfie Dreams! ACK!!
South Carolina · Service Manager