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Mon 2012/04/30 14:02 JST
Dysfunctional Dollfie Wrangler
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It seems Asuka has been keeping tabs on what Rin has been up to. Lucky me. ^^


Asuka: "Hey scripple. I heard you've had some rough times lately, so I wanted to come make sure you were ok as well as show you this new sleepwear I got from Sakura. I thought you might like it. I certainly think it's a lot better than that ugly over-sized thing I've been sleeping in.

I did have to give up a lock of hair for some stupid project of Sakura's in order to get it. But it was worth it if you like it. So what do you think? Do you like it?"

scripple: "Oh that was nice of you to come check on me Asuka. Things have gotten a little better, so I'm fine. I do like that outfit. But what are you hiding behind your back? More sea life charms?"


Asuka: *Sigh* "No, no sea life anything. Just some bunny ears. Don't you like bunnies too?"

scripple: "Sure, bunnies are nice too, are you going to wear them for me?"


Asuka: "Uhm, ok. I'm not entirely sure about this though. But Steffi said you do like the animal outfits."


Asuka: "Tada! What do you think? Do I look cute?"

scripple: "They're great. You look very cute."

Asuka: "Yay!"


*Asuka quickly turns around and proudly sticks out her tail*

Asuka: "Look, it's got a cute bunny tail too!"

scripple: "Yes I can certainly see that. Very cute."


Asuka: "Hey! Don't stare at my ass you pervert! What's wrong with you?"

scripple: "But I was just looking at your cute bunny tail like you wanted."

Asuka: "Uh huh."


*Asuka goes silent, apparently pondering something*

scripple: "Uhmmm, are you ok? I'm sorry if I stared too long, what can I say, I'm a guy..... Asuka?"

Asuka *quietly to herself* "So that's they way you like it huh?... What the hell."

scripple: "Asuka?"


Asuka: "So you like looking at me eh? Well in that case I bet you'd love to see what's underneath this top, wouldn't you?"

scripple: "Uhhmmmmm...."


Asuka: "I mean it's just getting in the way of the tail, and certain other of my charms as well right? You're really enjoying the view now I bet aren't you?"

scripple: "Uhhmmmm... perhaps we should stop now, why don't you pull that back up?"

Asuka: "Stop? Well if you say so...."


Asuka: "Ooops. I dropped it, how clumsy of me."


Asuka: "Well, now that you've seen so much might as well just kick this aside right? Or were you hoping I'd bend down and pick it up?"

scripple: "Uhhhhhh..."


Asuka: "Don't be shy scripple. What would you like me to do? I'm here to make you feel better after all."

scripple: "Uhhhh, well...."


Asuka: "You'll find I'm much better at such things than that loser Rin. I mean, aren't mine lovely too? And no scripple. I'm not talking about any necklace charms."

scripple: "Uhhh...."

Asuka: "Say yes you idiot!"

scripple: "Yes."


Asuka: "Good, I'm glad you liked them. Well I don't want you to get too worked up, so I'm leaving now. But keep in mind if you're still feeling down a little later and you're considering whose company you might enjoy, there's still more of this outfit that you haven't seen, if you can take a hint.

See ya!"

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