The Avengers (Thoughts and Opinion)

Mon 2012/04/30 20:38 JST
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The Avengers was already premiered in my country last Friday. I only get to watch it today 'cos I was busy working (+ overtime) this month and the same for next month (saving up for AFM12).

Anyway, without spoiling TOO much about the movie, here are my thoughts of it:

1. Movie starts great. Already have a decent amount of action.
2. I'm truly impressed with the chemistry among the cast, Chris Evans and RDJ especially.
3. Mark Ruffalo did an ok job as Bruce Banner, but I still prefer Ed Norton. Ruffalo's Banner seems a bit estranged.
4. Kinda sucks that they don't show how they Captain America out of the ice. We only get a brief flashback.
5. No origin tales for Hawkeye and Black Widow. Not a big of an issue since we'll find out more of their past through a well scripted conversation.
6. I was sort of disappointed that the helicarrier wasn't as what I originally thought. (the "flying car" in Captain America: First Avenger).
7. The way Banner loses and gain control of the Hulk kinda throws me off.
8. "I won't be bullied! I am a god!" some god you are, Loki.
9. "Doth thou mother know you weareth her drapes?"
10. If you're worried about having to sit through the credit to see the secret scene, don't be. Just wait until the credit rolls the name of the cast and enjoy the scene.

And finally, not relevant to the movie itself, but just too funny to see it happens.

*How to troll Marvel fans at theater? Show them "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer just before the movie starts. XD

So, what do you guys think of The Avengers?

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a secret lair · Noob cosplayer