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Just like I did with OreImo Portable year ago, I decide to write summary from PSP game of PapaKiki released days ago. Do note that my Japanese is still poor and English is not my first language so expect some misses here and there ^^;;

But first thing first, little bit introduction about the game. On this game you will control Yuuta as he (unofficially) takes custody of his three cute nieces whose parents (Yuuta's big sister and his brother-in-law) are in airplane accident and claimed to be dead. The whole game take one full month in which you only get to control Yuuta's action for (less than) three weeks, since the first three days are prologue and the fourth week are the specific girl you end up with on which you only need to see the story without option to choose or flag need to be raised anymore. In the entire game you can do part time job to gain money to buy things for your nieces or go to more expensive place on the second and third Sunday, go to college on which you have to go at least 5 times or you'll get bad ending, and build relationship with the three girls, or Raika.

Okay, that's it for the introduction. The story of the common route basically the same thing with the anime, or first volume of the light novel where Yuuta has to deal with the sudden change of his college life. The common route will end after the Parents Day on Hina's kindergarten.


In Raika's route, she will congratulates Yuuta that have been blessed by aunt Yoshiko and other Takanashi family members to be the official guardian for the girls (as soon as he turns 20). Yuuta is thanking Raika since she made the lunch boxes for everyone on Parents Day.

The day after, Raika comes to Yuuta's home because she wants to meet..... Hina, lol. Takanashi sisters are going outside so Raika waits for them while Yuuta boils water to make tea. Yuuta is thinking that is the first time he and Raika alone in his house while nobody around, forgetting the water has already boiled and it made his finger burnt a little. Raika then has him to show his hand to examine it.


While their hands are hold together, the girls come and as expected Sora gets angry at him, while Miu little bit surprised Yuuta could taking advantage when they were out. Anyway that day is Yuuta turn to prepare dinner and Raika decides to help him, and it makes the girls happy they can eat Raika's food again. By the way, Raika still hold Yuuta's hand.

"So you'll help me.... Eh by the way Raika-san, why are you still holding my hand?"
"No reason"
"No reason, eh? U-uwaa, Sora-chan, Miu-chan why are you making scary face like that. Raika-san, please..."
"I'll say it to you, let's make it"
"U-uwaaaawawaaa. What's 'it'?"
"D-dinner? Ah yes, dinner, ahahaha haha. Dinner, hahaha"
"Hey onee-chan, don't tell me they are..."
"Miu, what is this, what's going on"
"Oitan and Raika-chan, ish close!"

It's getting late so Raika prepares to going home. Hina doesn't want Raika to go home so Raika said that she'll stay over for that night. She said that she's okay to sleep in the same room with a man, since it's Yuuta. The room is too cramped for 4 people but Raika is happy.

"Yuuta, I'm jealous. You can live together with them."
"Hahaha. I won't give them to you, though"
"... Too bad, I was about to ask.......................... Yuuta"
"..... Nevermind"


The day after Yuuta meets Raika at the college. Raika said that it was fun to spend the night with the girls and she wants to come to his house again in the future.

"Can't I?"
"Of course you can. It's just we always become a bother for you, made you cooking and stuff"
"Don't get misunderstand, Yuuta. For me, those three girls are like a treasure. Just being with them makes me happy. If anything, it's me who always bothering. So I'm really grateful to Yuuta who made me able to meet them..... Plus..." *she blushed* "Yuuta, how about your class?"
"Oh right, it's about the time. Well then see you at the club room"t

Then at the college cafeteria, Nimura and Sako informed Yuuta that there's a rumor of him and Raika are going out around the campus. Nimura asked Yuuta if it's true and Yuuta said that they are not couple. By then Raika came and wondering what's about him and Yuuta she just overheard. Sako told him about the rumor and Nimura asked her what does she think about Yuuta since it comes to this already.

R: "Yuuta is..... compelling"
S: "So basically, you like him, right?"
R: "Probably. Yuuta is interesing after all"
S: "Geez, can't help it. If your answer is like that it's time for me to lend a hand. Oda-kun, answer my questions honestly. Hypothetically, Segawa-kun got drop out from the campus, how do you feel?"
Y: "Sako-senpai, please don't make a cruel hypothetical situation like that. It hurts"
S: "Just shut your mouth for awhile and listen. So Oda-kun?"
R: "Nnn. It's.... very unpleasant"
S: "I see, I see. Then let's say he doesn't get drop out but he stops come to us for help so we can't see him anymore, how about this?"
R: "It's disappointing"
S: "Well then the last question. What do you feel if Segawa-kun starts to going out with another woman?"
R: ".......... I don't know. I can't answer it"
S: "Okay. That will be enough"
N: "Eeeh, it's enough already?"
R: "Oda-kun show troubled face like that, it's clear for me already"
N: "She doesn't change expression a bit if you ask me"

Can't stand anymore, Yuuta takes Raika out from the cafeteria. He then told Raika to don't mind Sako's questions.

"That's not it"
"The answer from President's question earlier. If Yuuta is going out with other girl, it's bothering me. It's probably 'sad' feeling for me... No, rather it will be 'painful' perhaps"
"Raika-san... Then that means?"
"So that's why, probably.... I think.... I like Yuuta"
"Th-then Raika-san, if people around us thinking we are a couple, you're okay with it?"
"Then it's okay if we really become a true couple...?"
"As a couple then one will have to ki.... kiss, I guess at some point?. And then beyond that"
"That is not okay... But I do have interest in kissing. Yuuta, do you want to try kissing?"
"Ra-Raika-san? But we're on the middle of campus, lot of people are watching."
"I'm fine with it. Yuuta doesn't want to?"
"I-I want to! But isn't this too soon??!"


"I understand now. Kissing feels really good. It feels different when Hina-chan kiss me on the cheek. Maybe because it's Yuuta it feels good?"
"Do-don't ask me that question. I feel my heart's going to explode anytime now, myself!"
"We-well... Because I can finally kiss the woman I like for long time"
"The woman you like? Yuuta... likes me?"
"O-of course I like you. From the time I first met you, I always like you"
"I-I see. I'm happy"
"Never mind. By the way, I think Yuuta has to put more effort in kissing"
"Because from now on, we'll kiss a lot"
"Eh? Raika-san?"
"Well then, class is about to start"
"Raika-san, wait! What do you mean by that? Hey, I say wait!!"

Like that, they have officially became a couple. Later that day they announced it to Sora, Miu, and Hina. Sora unexpectedly doesn't go nuts at all, she just being sulky as she usually is.

M: "Ojii-san, you can do it if you really want, can't you? Getting pretty girl like Raika-san as your girlfriend."
H: "Hey hey, what ish 'in wewashionship' means?"
Y: "Err Hina, to explain to you now is little bit hard, it's complica-"
M: "Simply put it, Ojii-san is papa and Raika-san is mama"
Y: "Oi Miu-chan, we're too soon for that!"
H: "Ish it twue? Waika-chan ish Hina's mama?"
R: "Yes, I'll be Hina-chan's mama"
Y: "EEEEEH? Even you, Raika-san?"
S: "Onii-chan, you have to make up your mind"
M: "Yeah yeah Ojii-san. To make Raika-san said it first, I wonder you can call yourself a man"
Y: "Why, why? We're just started going out less than a day but we already talk about becoming papa and mama?"
R: "Yuuta, don't you want to marry me?"
Y: "We-well, of course I do. But is it okay for Raika-san to easily accepting huge thing like this so soon?"
R: "Yeah, I have thought about it. Yuuta is the father, I'm the mother, and the three will be our daughters"
Y: (Don't tell me her main reason is because the three girls. But oh well, with this all of us can be together)
R: "Please take care of us, father"
Y: "Haha, I'll do my best"

With that, they have finally became true family.


Some time after that, in the Ikebukuro house---

M: "Ah, it moved just now!"
S: "For real?"
H: "Hey hey, Hina want to touch it too!"
R: "Sure. Here"
H: "Waaah, it really does move"
R: "Yes. The baby can meet the big sisters here soon"
H: "I see, Hina will be big sister too"
S: "Now you will soon become a big sister, you can't say you hate green pepper anymore"
H: "E-even Hina hates it, I'll eat it properly!"
M: "It goes for Onee-chan too, can you cure your shyness?"
S: "Mi-Miu!"
Y: "Hee~y, can I have my turn to feel the baby now?"
M: "Ah, so Ojii-san is here"
Y: "Uuugh, that's too cruel Miu-chan"
R: "Yuuta. My body feels heavy so make something to eat in my place"
Y: "... I understand"
R: "Fufu, I'm joking. Here, touch it"
Y: "It's inside here. My and Raika-san's little baby"
R: "Yuuta, are you happy?"
Y: "Don't ask for obvious thing, of course I'm happy"
R: "If Yuuta is happy, then I'm happy too"
M: "Aaa, stop it, stop it. If you want to get all lovey dovey please do it when we're not around"
H: "Is it a boy? Or is it a girl? I'm looking forward for it"
S: "It will great if it's a cute baby girl like Raika-san"
M: "Which you prefer, Raika-san?"
R: "I'm fine with either. It doesn't change the fact that we are family. The family of me and Yuuta"
Y: "That's true. Soon, our family will increase."


And that's it for tonight, the summary of Raika route for PapaKiki's PSP game.
Tomorrow I'll post the summary of Sora, Miu, and Hina route but sorry to say that I won't make it as detailed as this one, and that is not because I favor Raika above other girls ^^;

Well then, good night and hope you enjoy it :)

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Just a dude who like both Japanese and western pop cultures like tokusatsu, anime, manga, light novel, comic, tv series, and of course collecting (and taking picture of) action figures.
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