Halloween Specials Countdown - Day 04

Tue 2009/10/27 21:19 JST
A little bit of refreshment for your mind!

(The Scenario - 150)
You dont believe in anything supernatural. You dont believe in god, demons, vampires, witches or fairies. Your friend tells you he's seen some vampire like thing in the city park at night.
But he is not sure since he was drunk at that time. You say he might have been seeing things. You bet a 100 bucks that you will show its just a figment of his imagination or it might be some pranksters.

You and your friend both go with some strong flashlights. Both of you hide in a bush. Around midnight you just hear a dog barking. The air is cool and night is quite.
You see that your friend has fallen asleep after some time. Its near about two. Then you hear something being thrown into the trashcan. From your hiding place you dont see anyone.
You muster up enough courage and go to the place near the trash can since there's a street light just near it. You are alone. Looking here and there, suddenly you see something near you.
She seems to be a small child dressed like a vampire. You ask her who she is and what she's doing there at this hour.

Without answering your question, she tells you to look at your shadow. You look down at it. Its just a shadow you say. Then you see an eye glow and a smile come across it.

What do you say? What do you do?
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A little bit of refreshment for your mind!