Saber x Saber: Frustration no more

Thu 2012/05/03 06:18 JST
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If you have read my previous post you know in what kind of situation I got in. Definitely not a situation you would think "that is fun". So several days/ weeks later depending on how you look at it, my Saber arrived today!!! Due to customs not letting her go, it got delayed for delivery. Or else I would have her much much earlier.


How happy I am as this time the "right" Saber has arrived. My Saber Extra/ Nero. Seems my other girls are eagerly waiting for the release of their sister. Which mean sitting on the travel box of their new sister ^^; As a means to protect her from any harm or danger while being in hibernation. Got very excited too for being able to release her from her "prison", thus realised too late that my camera run out of juice. Had to resort to my cellphone camera, having lower quality :p Oh well, that doesn't matter as my Saber is here.

Did a quick check if I was missing anything, seems it is complete. Also quick check on stains and such, haven't seen anything yet. But it was getting dark, have to check it tomorrow after getting back. Anyway she is a real beauty ^^


Had to make a quick photo of her. Do excuse the bad pose/ idea as I wanted to show her out of the box. Finally bright light has taken the place of the eternal darkness. Do ignore as it is getting dark outside :p The long wait for her is finally over, after waiting (im)patiently for wait seems ages. Have decided to name her Hikari as it means "light". It would suit my current feelings as the dark clouds have finally moved away where the sun can shine brightly with warm light.


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