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Sat 2012/05/05 08:02 JST
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Lately, I've gotten a few packages in the mail for my girls who have either had B-days or just fun stuff from friends. But Manami hasn't gotten anything in a while and she's been kind of down about it.

A friend did some digging around for me on a certain type item that I wanted for an upcoming photo shoot and when he found some, he said he'd ship a few to me and see how I liked them.

So I figured maybe Manami would enjoy opening something up that arrived in the mail.....


I find her watching TV in the living room.


Hey Manami, how are you?

"Shh! I'm watching TV!"

I have a package for you....

"A package? Is it from Mitsuki? Is it cookies?"

Sorry but it's neither. Why don't you come and open it up?

"Alright, lemme pause this."


"Oooo! It's a big box! I bet I got something extra awesome!"

Let me go get something to cut the tape open....


"Ummm.... what's that?"

It's buckets.


"Buckets. BUCKETS? What the hell am I going to do with buckets?"

Calm down dear. Take them out and see how they look before you get all frazzled.


See how many cool types we have there?

"I still don't get it. What in the world are we going to do with buckets?"

I have a photo story in mind where you and a few of your sisters will be using these. I think you'll love it.

"I doubt it. Buckets are useless to me. Unless they're full of cookies or donuts."


Now stop being so mean. Battrastard and Tana sent us these and I like them.

"Tana sent these?"

Yes. And she said she also included something especially for you in there.

"WHY didn't you say so? Tana is cool! She wouldn't stick me with stupid buckets!"


"I bet Tana sent something so cool.... just gotta find it...."



"SUCCESS! I knew Tana wouldn't let me down!"

Just what IS that?


"Duh. It's BEER!"


"And I found more! Whoo hoo!"


Wow, Tana sure hooked you up didn't she?

"I'll say! She did me right. I'll have fun drinking these!"


"But I still don't get the buckets.... why send those if there's no connection to the.... OHHHH!!!"


<Runs off to the fridge>


"NOW I see what the buckets are for! We have to ice down the beer so it's nice and frosty before we drink it!"


"See how well the beers and ice fit in this bucket? Tana's so smart!"


Yes, yes. Tana is an awesome girl and she certainly took care of you didn't she.

"Oh yeah! I'll have to hook her up soon.... maybe I'll mail her an autographed picture of me. She'll prolly like that."

You're sooo considerate Manami. :P

Seriously tho, Battrastard hit it out of the park on these buckets. I'm all set for my photostory now. All I need is some time to do it and I'll be good to go. Thank you sir! And thank Tana for the beers! =3

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Anime watcher and DD collector. And now the proud Papa of 19 Dollfie Dreams! ACK!!
South Carolina · Service Manager