Sakura's Hidden Value

Sun 2012/05/06 14:31 JST
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Poor Sakura. She's always taking care of the little things around the house, and making sure everyone more or less gets along. But all this work generally goes unnoticed (by all but one member of the household anyway). Unnoticed that is until it doesn't get done.


*Our story starts with an almost typical morning. Hannah is playing some sudoku while waiting for Rin to wake up. Rin has never been a morning person, but Hannah always patiently waits for her.*


*Rin finally awakens*

Rin: "Ugh. Morning already? Night never lasts long enough."

Hannah (quietly): "Shhhh, you'll wake Sakura."

*And here is where the day takes an unusual turn. Sakura is usually the first to rise, getting up early to make breakfast for everyone else.*


Rin (not at all quietly): "Sakura?!? What the hell is she still doing in bed? She should be up making my breakfast!"

Hannah (still quietly): "Not so loud. Everyone lets you sleep in every morning, you should let Sakura do so today."


*Rin unsurprising ignoring her friend's advice turns to wake Sakura*

Rin: "Hey, Sak-chan! Wake up sleepy head, it's time to make breakfast!"

Hannah: "Rin stop." *Too late*


*Sakura groggily turns to face Rin*

Sakura: "Oh, good morning Rin. I'm sorry for not making breakfast yet, I'm not feeling very well this morning. I think I might be coming down with something."


Rin: "Hmmmm, you do feel pretty warm. You might be right."


*Rin gets up and tucks the covers back over Sakura*

Rin: "I'm sorry I woke you Sakura, I didn't know you were sick. I'll take care of breakfast today, you just stay here and rest. We'll bring you something to eat and check on you throughout the day, ok?"

Sakura: "Ok. Thank you Rin, you're such a great sister."

Hannah: "I'll leave the laptop here in case you get bored Sakura. If you need anything just call and one of us will help. Hopefully you'll feel better tomorrow after you rest today."

*Rin and Hannah leave Sakura to rest. Sakura falls back asleep.*


*Sakura wakes up a while later*

Sakura (thinking): "Hmmm, I must have fallen back to sleep. I'm hungry, I should eat the food Hannah and Rin brought me."


*Sakura scans her surroundings for food*

Sakura (thinking): "That's odd. Where's the food? I guess I only fell asleep for a few minutes. They sure were a refreshing few minutes though. Oh well, I guess I'll check my email while I wait for breakfast."


Sakura (speaking): *notices the time on the laptop* "What the hell?"

Sakura (thinking): "It's already late afternoon. I can't believe that Hannah would have forgotten me. Rin maybe, but Hannah? No way."


Sakura (thinking): "Well, I better get up to see what's going on. And find food! I'm starving."


*Meanwhile, while Sakura has been sleeping, the Asylum inmates have been busy*

*Early that same morning*

Asuka: "Where the hell is Sakura with breakfast? I want to eat and move on before that idiot Rin wakes up!"


Saber: "It is odd that Sakura isn't up. I hope she hurries too, I'm starving!"


Yukino: "I noticed she was still asleep when I got up this morning, which is odd. She almost always gets up before me. I figured I'd let her sleep though, everyone deserves to sleep in once in a while."

*Saber reaches for another donut*

Kitsune: "Donut?"

*Saber ignores kitsune*


kitsune: *siiiiiigh*

*Hannah arrives*

Hannah: "Good morning everyone."

Others: "Good morning."

Hannah: "I bet you're all wondering what's up with breakfast. Well Sakura is a little under the weather today so she's staying in bed. Rin's cooking breakfast this morning. She said it should be done shortly. Oh and Ilya don't forget that it's your turn to clean the bathroom floor today."


Asuka: "No way am I eating anything that bitch cooks. I bet it will be poisoned, or at least taste like it!"

Steffi: "Asuka, please sit back down."


*At the same time as Asuka's outburst*

Ilya: "Wait! It can't be my turn already. I'm small so my turn is supposed to be half as often as the rest of you."

Saber: "That's not true and you know it Ilya. You have to take your turn like everyone else."


*Also at the same time*

Yukino: "Oh no! Sakura's sick?!?! We're all going to die!!!!"


Asuka: "Are you coming or not Steffi?"

Steffi: "No, I'm not. Rin's actually a very good cook, and I'm sorry but you're just being childish."

Asuka: "Whatever, I'm out of here."

Hannah: "Yukino, calm down. I'm sure it's just a cold. Even if we all catch it don't think it's going to kill us."


Ilya: "This sucks. I hate cleaning the floors."

kitsune: "It ok. kitsune help! kitsune help!"

Yukino: "No Hannah, you don't understand! It's not the virus or whatever I'm worried about. It's what's going to happen around here if Sakura's laid up! I'm taking my ipad and hiding out until she's better. I suggest you all do the same."


Saber: "Yukino, don't you think you're overreacting a little bit?"

Hannah: "I agree Yukino, I'm sure things will be fine."

Yukino: "I know better, you've all been warned. I assume no responsibility for what happens from here on out."

Ilya: "Thank you kitsune, I know you'll help. It still sucks though."


Saber: "Well, that was my last donut and I'm still starving. I'm going to go help Rin in the kitchen."

Ilya (quietly): "Oh, Saber's leaving too? Things might just turn out ok today after all kitsune."

kitsune: "Hmmmm?"

*And with Ilya's sudden change of mood we end for this post. More to come soon.*

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