Sakura's Hidden Value Part 2 - MAYHEM!

Tue 2012/05/08 11:08 JST
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We pick up the story of the day Sakura got sick with Asuka running into Rin on the way to the kitchen.


Rin: "Oh hey Asuka, would you please grab a tray and help me carry this all to the table?"


Asuka: "No chance! I'm going to make my own breakfast. I'll never eat any of the swill that you make."

Rin: "Fine, be an idiot, see if I care. But from what I've heard about your cooking skills you'd better not make anything other than instant noodles or we'll have to raze the whole kitchen and rebuild it just to disinfect it after you're done."

Asuka: "Hmph. Whatever."


*The two antagonists head their separate ways*

Rin: "Bitch!"

Asuka: "Idiot!"


*Somehow, Asuka's food ends up in front of Rin's*


*And Rin loaded down with heavy trays trips and falls*

Rin: *Ooof!"

Asuka: "Oooops" *snicker*


*Saber arrives on her way to join Rin*

Rin: "No ... effin ... way. That's it!"

Asuka: "Oh my, such a klutz. You really should be more careful."

Saber: "What's going on here?"


Rin: "You're dead bitch!"

*Rin goes to attack Asuka, but Saber intervenes*

Saber: "Rin! No magic."

Asuka: "Hey, I don't know why you're mad at me. I can't help it if you're a klutz."


Rin: "Saber, that's YOUR breakfast she just made me spill."

Saber: "Oh. Good point. Well, just promise not to kill or maim her too badly then."

Rin: "Deal."


*Asuka's smart enough to sense when the tide is turning and has started to make a run for it*

Rin: "Gandr shot!"


*Asuka dives around the corner to avoid Rin's projectile*


Rin: "Damn missed. She's pretty quick eh Saber? Oh well, she's just delaying the inevitable. I'm afraid you're on your own for breakfast today. And tell Ilya to clean this up before she cleans the bathroom."

Saber: "Ok. Happy hunting."

Rin: "Thank you."

*Rin takes off after a fleeing Asuka and Saber continues on to the kitchen*


*Meanwhile back at the table*

Ilya: "So, I guess it's just us four now, how convenient."

Steffi: "What's convenient about......"


*A few minutes later*

Ilya: "Alright high five kitsune! With Sakura in bed and the chores taken care of it's a free play day for us. Woohoo!"

kitsune: "Yay! kitsune like play."

Ilya: "And you two be sure to do a good job so I look good. And if anyone asks anything just tell them you've remembered that it's actually your turn not mine."

Ilya and Steffi (robotically): "We will do our best for you."

Ilya: "Oh I know you will, now go get started."


*And now we return to Sakura having woken, ready to go find out what's going on*


*Sakura goes by the bathroom and spots Hannah and Steffi cleaning the floor*

Sakura: "Hannah, you were supposed to bring me breakfast, what happened? And isn't it Ilya's turn?"

Hannah: "We remembered that it was our turn and not Ilya's."

Sakura: "Uhm, I'm quite sure it was Ilya's turn, but what about my breakfast? That's so unlike you to forget."

Hannah: "We remembered that it was our turn and not Ilya's."

Sakura: "Grrrrr, I think I know what's going on here."

*Sakura leaves to search for someone else, Hannah and Steffi continue cleaning as if nothing happened*


*Sakura arrives at their living room to this scene*

Sakura: "What the hell is going on here? What happened?"


kitsune: "kitsune no steal! Food on floor. On floor! No steal! Please no banish!"


Ilya: *slurring heavily* "Hey barkeep! How about another round?"


Saber: "Sooooo, full. Must stop eating but tastes sooooo good."

Sakura: "Saber! How much have you had to eat today? Haven't I told you repeatedly you need to restrain yourself? And what happened to our living room?"

Saber: "Oh.... hey Sakura. I guess I've had a bit more than usual to eat today. I was so hungry after missing breakfast I just couldn't help myself. But don't mind the mess, that's just from Rin chasing Asuka around the house after Asuka made her spill breakfast."

Sakura: "What?!?"

Saber: "Don't worry, I made Rin promise not to kill her."


*Sakura slumps to the floor, still sick and hungry*

Sakura: *Siiiiiiiigh*

Sakura (thinking): "I'm sick for one day and this is what happens?????? I don't have the energy to deal with this right now."

Sakura (speaking): "I should have stayed in bed."

kitsune: "Donut?"

Sakura: "Uhm, not off the floor, thank you."


*Yukino heard Sakura yelling and comes out from hiding*

Yukino: "Sakura! Thank goodness you're here!" *Drops down and clings to Sakura*

Yukino: "It's been so scary without you. Rin's gone insane chasing Asuka all around the house and shooting spells or something like a machine gun. Kitsune's running around naked and I think Saber's going to explode. I don't even know what's become of Hannah and Steffi. I warned everyone this would happen but they wouldn't listen. You have to save us!"


Sakura: "It's alright Yukino,I'm here now. Everything will be ok."

Yukino: "It was soooooo scary though. Promise me you'll never get sick again."

Sakura: "Uhhh, well, I'll do my best. There wouldn't happen to be any food left would there? I'm starving."


*Meanwhile in another part of the house, the inevitable has finally happened*

Rin: "You're pretty quick and strong for a normal girl, I'll give you that. It was quite the chase, but you never had a chance. Lucky for you I promised Saber I'd let you off easy, but if you pull a stunt like that again I won't be so kind next time."

Asuka: "........"

Rin: "Nothing to say? Well, I suppose that's natural given the state you're in. Don't worry, you'll live. I only used minimal power in my gandr shots, so after a week or two of high fevers, delirium, and vomiting you'll be good as new. Hahahahaha! Like that was ever any good to begin with!"

*And thus we see just how important Sakura really is around here. Much like a butterfly flapping it's wings, the small corrections Sakura makes each day seem to have enormous effects, as demonstrated today when she wasn't there to make them.*

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