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Tue 2012/05/08 15:00 JST
Thighhighs anyone?
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The final delivery is here, so I thought I'd post the loot I feel so lucky to have procurred.

These posters came rolled up, I have not flattened them yet so I post only the auction pictures:
- BRS Archives poster (B2 sized)
- Hatsune Miku Tell your world poster (B2 sized)
- VocaloAppend Poster (B2 sized)
- Saber Fate Zero poster (BIG)

I also have some questions for those of you who mount/ frame your posters!
I have some magazine posters that have been machine creased in numerous places, both horizontally and vertically.
These are much more difficult to flatten because at the places where the creases intersect, they wrinkle and would surely damage if flattened by books. Any suggestions? (professional should do it?)
I have provided pictures of my BRS: Game and Tales of Xillia posters, as they are mounted (that is what I intend to do with the large magazine Miku poster I took multiple shots of).

Thanks for looking!


Hatsune Miku Tell your world poster (B2 sized)


VocaloAppend Poster (B2 sized)


BRS Archives poster (B2 sized)


Saber Fate Zero poster (BIG)


Official Goodsmile Racing 2012 sponsorship card / lanyard / card holder


Racing Miku Figma ~ from Mandarake
(EMS shipping to Canada only took 5 business days. Perfect condition!)


GSC Makise Kurisu ~ from AmiAmi
(Registered SAL shipping to Canada only took 13 business days. Perfect condition!)


Damn she has a great design, even if it isn't "natural". Who cares? She's one of my favourites.


I prefer the goofy stairs base that got all the hate
(she comes with an alternative, plain, flat, circular base - but it's white. Bleh)


1x April 2012 Comptiq
2x August 2011 Comptiq

-I purchased these 3 for the posters they come with.
-They shipped by USPS from the US in about 10 business days.
-Magazines are heavy (usually) so shipping was like $40. But shipping from the US often feels worse than shipping from Japan. (I live in Canada)


April 2012 winter Miku poster


August 2011 poster side 1


August 2011 poster side 1

- These are the intersecting creases I worry about.
When I try to lay them flat, the place where they intersect just wont lay flat like usual, even if I lay them carefully.
-I won't force this though, as it will ruin the paper.


August 2011 poster side 1
-More problem spots


August 2011 poster side 1
-More problem spots


August 2011 poster side 1
-More problem spots


June 2012 Dengeki G's Festival
(Registered SAL shipping through AmiAmi - ...6 business days!! Awesome!)

The shipping was crazy fast for SAL. I have complete faith in this method now, after so many registered SAL packages for the first time, all in mint condition and in good time... yea, I am a happy customer.

--> One thing to note though. This Magazine is typical light weight newsprint manga paper, and the wallscroll addition is not heavy either. Extremely light.
Yet shipping was still like $40. This cost more (by $2) than the shipping on my larger, heavier Makise Kurisu from Amiami, using the same shipping method. Strange.


Accel World Kuroyukihime awaits within!


-This is the inside of the box.
-Thetop and bottom rods of the wallscroll both come dis-assembled to save packing space. Clever.


-The material reminds me of the 100% nylon you would use for a tent or a flag.
So the shine and feel is high quality (in my opinion).
-I will probably cover her in some towels, flat as I can on a counter, and iron the towels at low heat (no steam) to flatten the creases out.


-Yes, this is as huge as it looks.
-1.5 meters x 1 meter.
-Yes, I use the metric system because inches are stupid.


-A wallscroll i bought on a whim because Miku looked hot here. Haha.
-I don't like the arm pit lines, but it's okay.


-This surprised me some.
-Listed as a "wall cloth".
-I expected this to be a wallscroll. but no , a wall cloth on Ebay is a wallscroll minus the top an bottom apparently.
-Oh well, no big deal. I'd of preferred having the rods though.


Magazine posters.
-Higurashi apparenty? (Wow Rikas got some big ones here)
-Neptunia (I wish I could find the Neptunia wallscrolls...)


2x Kuroyukihime. Hell yes.


-Left poster is Sora from "Listen to me girls, I am your father). She is on the back of one of the Kuroyukihimes I purchased.
-Right is Ririchiyo-sama ;)


2x BRS anime posters.
-I love the left one. I wish it were bigger.


An example of dry mounting.
This is what I want to do with the Miku magazine poster that has all the creases (shown above), if I can get the creases out anyways!

-BRS game poster, acquired in Akihabara from a 'garbage pile' last summer. Taking them down? One persons trash is another fans treasure!


An example of dry mounting.
This is what I want to do with the Miku magazine poster that has all the creases (shown above), if I can get the creases out anyways!

-Tales of Xillia poster, acquired in Akihabara on the Xillia release day last summer.

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Thighhighs anyone?
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