Ryomou's One year Anniversary

Thu 2012/05/10 08:56 JST
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Today is the one year anniversary of when my Dollfie Dream Unicorn showed up unexpectedly at my door. Please see this post on FFM to understand what exactly happened:

http://www.figure.fm/post/en/27171/A+su ... rises.html

Needless to say, after such an awesome shock to the system, I made sure I did everything I could to make Ryomou feel at home here. Below is a sequence of photos that detail some of her major milestones with me and her new family.


Before she even got to my place, Mitsuki had her girl Sakurako do a thorough checkcup on her to make sure she was doing well.


Thankfully, Sakurako gave Ryomou a clean bill of health and she was sent to my house.

Here are a few pics from Ryomou's first post, her introductory story. This is Rei introducing Mou-chan to the rest of the girls:


Of course, we all know that Manami loves cosplaying as Ryomou so when they met for the first time, Manami thought I had installed a giant mirror in the hallway.


After Manami realized we had the REAL Ryomou here, she got upset and thought I was replacing her. Ryomou managed to calm her down tho and they have since become good friends.


Ryomou loves flowers so when she saw some outside the window, she asked to go and check them out. Of course I had to oblige her. This one is a day lily.


And here she is in some lantana. She looks like she is daydreaming here with her eyes closed. I so love that one closed eye... =3


Ryomou goes with me to a doll meet in Charlotte, NC. There, she meets lots of new friends, and here she is protecting Saber Lily from crazed fanboys. Mou-chan takes her bodyguard duties VERY seriously.


Unfortunately, one randy fan got thru the lines and attacked Mou-chan with her camera. She all smooth talking too, whispering sweet nothings in her ear while taking naughty pics of Ryomou's chest. LOL


After Saber left, Ryomou retreats to take a break.


Here we are at Animazement in Raleigh, NC. I was so hoping to find someone cosplaying as Ryomou here and I actually did! Ed spotted her and I rushed down to meet her. I was totally fangirling the entire time! I could barely speak to the cosplayer but my Mou-chan wasn't sure why someone she didn't know would be dressed as her. XD


They had these HUGE towers outside the hotel which lit up all sorts of colors at night. Here's Ryomou silhoutted in front of one.


The wall of lights! Down a side street near the hotel were two big walls of randomly flashing lights. They would do all sorts of patterns and colors. We got lots of shots of the girls with them and these are my faves.


All those lines of color look really cool.


Here is where I entered the experimental stage with Ryomou. While I LOVE her default look, I feared her wig staining her bigtime. So I found a really cool Leeke World wig that looked good on her and it also had a ponytail. I'm a sucker for ponytails... Anyways, I was also trying out different eyes on her because I found out that she did NOT come with her default eye. So I tried a few different looks with ones I had here. This one had her looking VERY aggressive and stern.


Since Ryomou is a DDdy girl, she has the need to show off from time to time. And since I got some nice lingerie from Dollzone, she had me take some pics of her in her new outfit. I have to say she is AMAZING in it. And she also went back to the blue eye she came with.


Then I found Ersa Flora and saw that they did custom eyes! So I got together a few designs with Mitsuki's help and found this wonderful setup for her:


This eye is actually made from a photo of Ryomou's eye from the anime! I found a good pic of it on the DVD, froze it and then took a large photo on my DSLR and sent it to Ersa Flora. They then made me this eye in metallic. The shine from this eye is amazing and I now have my own, custom, anime exact and very perfect Mou-chan. =3


This was the first time Ryomou had worn her school uniform for me. I was all sorts of giddy seeing her in this!


Mou-chan's first Christmas with me! She made me a nice origami crane. She also dressed back up in her school uniform and added her default wig. She's so cute!


Ryomou finally gets her own kimono! I found this fabric in Walmart of all places and since it had a dragon on it, I knew it was meant for her!


Mou-chan playing fashion idol in Alna's outfit.


And now she's getting OUT of the idol outfit?? O_o


Ryomou is a fighter by trade and even tho she's a tough girl, she really likes dressing up as girly as possible sometimes. So here she is in a new Volks set, strutting her stuff and looking ever so lovely.


She is just so friggin lovely!


And finally, Ryomou trying out another Leeke World wig that Mitsuki sent us. She was wanting me to pick her up and snuggle a bit here. Even tho she's a fighter, she really enjoys being girly when she can. =3

So there's a quick roundup of my DD Unicorn. I love her to bits and I am still so happy I could finally add her to my family. Thank you again Mitsuki for your help in aiding my adoption of her. <3

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Anime watcher and DD collector. And now the proud Papa of 19 Dollfie Dreams! ACK!!
South Carolina · Service Manager