This Month's Loot!!

Sat 2012/05/12 02:37 JST
~*Master of Otherworldly Pastries*~

Dominated by figmas, as you can see! ;D I am SO HAPPY with everything that I bought, even the naughty impulse buy that was the Dog Days figma. I haven't even seen that series yet, but she was way too cute to resist!

Also new Sena dakimakura YAY! <3 (Yes, I am female, before you ask. :3) Gosh I love her character, her enthusiasm for eroge is on par with my own! <3 Gotta love that!

Also a couple of Chu x Chu straps!! More UNiSONSHIFT stuff coming next month, which i cannot WAIT for!!

((I've never done a post like this here before, that I can remember..! ;w;))

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~*Master of Otherworldly Pastries*~