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Tue 2012/05/15 06:17 JST
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My first Ami Ami order! *very* happy~
I rather consider this my "practical" loot, because most of everything will be used quite a lot. The whole purpose behind this order was because I needed a pass thingie for my family's upcoming vacation to Rome! (Excited beyond belief!)

It all amounts to~

- A Hakuoki binder | So awesome! I especially like it since Heisuke is on the front <3 I just can't decide what to finally use it for... either my otoge postcards/etc. or school/study

- An Uta*Pri pass featuring the members of S class | The entire reason for the order! So awesome~ Syo is my favorite!

- A set of four Tiger & Bunny mechanical pencils (Barnaby, Tiger, Keith and Ivan) | Very practical! Taking notes with a Keith Goodman pencil is awesome~ perhaps I'll become even more studious! I'm going to make them a special pencil case <3 They deserve it!

- A Hakuoki mini pillow of Heisuke Todo | Aaah~! So cute! My favorite Hakuoki character (as well as one of my all time favorite characters period)

- Blue Rose Chibi-Arts from Tiger & Bunny | She is sooo awesomely cute and cool! How does she not have a larger fan-base? She's awesome! It was so much fun deciding on her "display" form~ the tiny Pepsi bottle is cute! (though I don't actually like the taste of Pepsi) She goes along with my Yako and Toko very nicely, if I say so myself! She seems to stylish by comparison.

Sadly, the Saito (Hakuoki) bookcover I had ordered was completely sold out... *sniff*

I'm very happy~! I hope you enjoyed my loot as much as I have! Thanks for looking~!
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❤ Southern Maiden ~ Passionate about otoge
Beautiful Alabama · Pub master's daughter