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Tue 2012/06/12 07:03 JST
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Selling a few things because I am not as interested in the hobby as I was. Just finished school, looking for some work, have bills to pay, loans to pay and I just got back from a three week trip to Japan!
Anyways these are some of the figures that I will start to sell for now
Please message me at lewisoffortune@gmailDOTcom
I will be taking Paypal only and will ship to the United States only for now. Just PM me if interested or have a question about something or what not and hope you can enjoy what I have!


Hatsune Miku Love is War Ver. - lightly displayed, looking for the pink wire that came with it...) -SOLD
Black Rock Shooter Animation Ver. - lightly displayed. The big hair piece was broken off on arrival here. Lots of people had the problem I found. I glued it back on with a dab and it hasn't fallen off since. Glue isn't noticeable and still looks great - SOLD
Figma BRS2035 - lightly displayed all accessories included of course! - SOLD
GEM Megahouse Edward elric - lightly displayed - $65 shipped
SEGA 'sigh' Haruhi Suzumiya and Asahina Mikuru figures - lightly dispalyed - $30 for both and shipping included


Sky high S.H. Figuarts figure - box opened but not taken out of plastic - SOLD
Wild Tiger S.H. Figuarts figure - Lightly displayed - $55 shipping included
Figuarts Zero Nartuo - lightly displayed - SOLD
MS Girl Wing Gundam - box was a little roughed up from my travels back. Opened box but never taken out of plastic - $62 shipping included
Revoltech EVA - 01 Type F - lightly displayed all pieces there - $14 shipping included
Banpresto Grandline Men Vol. 3 Mihawk - lightly dispalyed - $30 shipping included
Banpresto HQ DX Freeza second transformation - $15 include shipping


P.O.P. Strong World Chopper - Lightly displayed - $45 shipped
P.O.P. DX Monkey D. Luffy Marine Ford Ver. - Negotiate (refer to photo below)
P.O.P. Strong World Sanji - lightly dispalyed - SOLD
P.O.P. Strong World Nami - lightly displayed - $95 Shipped
P.O.P. Strong World Nico Robin - lightly Displayed - $100 shipped
P.O.P. Strong World Zoro - sold


So this Luffy up above and in the box above has had problems before I got it from amiami. I got it new from them long ago and it arrived with no display base in a sealed box. They didn't help me what so ever to get a new one when they had them in stock. I take it out of the box the arms literally popped off......Amiami wasn't listening anymore to me at that point.
So The figure is in fantastic shape stands fine without a base as long as no one is running in the house or earthquakes. This figure comes with accessories all over including another pair of arms that work fine with this figure. Maybe you can repair the arms that just easily broke off, not sure I gave up and put it in the box when it happened.
Please give me an offer on this. Its a big box and I would hate to just leave it sitting here......

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Model and Figure collector. Also photography!
· Student blogger ·