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Wed 2009/11/04 20:28 JST
A little bit of refreshment for your mind!

Up for adoption are two weekly posts: Wet Wednesday and The Scenario


Name: Wet Wednesday
Age: 1yr+
Sex: Female (mostly)
Characteristics: Takes form of a loli, teen or young adult.
Is always wet, moe, very sexy, occasional glimpses of oppai. Very playfull wiith like minded girls.
Found always near the beach, or near places having high abundance of water.
Loves wet clothes.

Wanted: Person who can give TLC always.

Image from Moe.imouto


Name: The Scenario
Age: 1 yr+
Sex: Hard to tell, but mostly female.
Characteristics: Hmmm........ Difficult. Characteristics change with each post.
Changes from witty, fun, to bone chilling horror depending on the atmosphere.

Wanted: Person who can write a scenario by just looking at an image.

Image from Gelbooru

Reason: I'm finding it hard to post now since I hardly get time. So hopefully members who would like to adopt are welcome. Also please decide among yourselves as to who would like to adopt the weekly posts.
Thank you for reading. :)

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A little bit of refreshment for your mind!