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As most of you know, days ago AFA was held on Indonesia for the first time. With such international-scale big event like this, we administrators of Figmania (including me) didn't want to miss this great chance to promote our community so we decided to rent a booth there even though we only have 1 experience to held a public display on Jakarta Toys Invasion months ago.

On this entry, I'll summarize the highlights of our booth during the loading day, first day, and the second day of the event.


Okay, first thing first, allow me to show-off the Exhibitor Pass that granted me (and up to 9 other administrators and members of Figmania) 2-day free access to Exhibition hall of AFA ID 2012, sweet~!! But since I want to watch bless4 and Ichiro "Aniki" Mizuki on Super Anisong stage, I don't really need the pass even though it brings me right to enter the hall without having to get in line. And on the first day the line is sooo damn long, I'm really grateful I have this Exhibitor Pass in the end XD

This picture is taken on loading day, the day before AFA ID 2012 was held, so let's talk about our preparation on the loading day :D
*Why do I have to censored my face, there's uncensored picture of me already above anyway XD*


Okay, so the loading day it is.

The administrators who live on Jakarta (but there's also those who came from other cities just for this event, kudos to them!) came to decorate our booth for tomorrow. We bring our Figma collection as well as our own extra tables and chairs, and of course display cases since the event organizer didn't provide those.

For this event, we made 4 banners but unfortunately the printer on the banner shop was having an error so by the time we came to JIExpo (the place where AFA ID 2012 was held), only one banner have finished perfectly and that is Ayase banner I designed. I can assure you this is a coincidence because I'm the one responsible for ordering the banner, not because I want my Ayase to stands out XD


The first surprise we got was the appearance of Aki Takanori-san! For those who don't know, he is the representative director (well correct me if I don't write his position correctly ^^;) of Good Smile Company. He came to Indonesia for this event since Good Smile Company also open a booth on AFA ID 2012.

We were embarrassed since when he came we haven't finished decorating our booth. Even most of our Figmas were still on the floor to be posed. Aki-san himself looked happy to see there was Figma community on Indonesia, he praised our collection X3

Even though there's language barrier but we could communicate pretty good. We asked him to signed our Ayase banner (I told you once again, this is only a coincidence my Ayase banner was the only one finished that day! XD) and took picture together.


We didn't choose our booth as background since we haven't finished preparing it but I just realized it was a mistake since other booths appeared on the background instead ^^;;

But that wasn't a problem since we have Ayase banner (still a coincidence, guys!) to show we were from Figmania. Later that day, a friend of one of Figmania administrators text us to inform that we were tweeted by Aki-san! This is his tweet I mention:

After that we forgot our duty and went to GSC booth to talk to Aki-san instead, lol. Aki-san and his staff gave us preview of figures and merchandises they will sell and display the next day, including the prototype of Nendoroid Mirai Suenaga. He even gave some of us GSC's exclusive fan (which I didn't get thanks to my friend tricked me 'orz). After that he shoo us (literally, he said "Junbi shiro!!" XD) to continue our duty to prepare our booth. Thank you for your time, Aki-san :3


After that more administrators came (including those who came all the way from Surabaya just for this event!) to help us prepare the booth. Our friends from Nendonesia, Indonesian Nendoroid fan circle, also came to prepare their booth.

By 4.30 PM, we pretty much finished decorating our booth. We have set the tables, all the Figmas have been placed inside the display case, and all the photos contributed by our members, including those who couldn't come to AFA ID 2012, have been placed on the partition wall. So, one by one we went back to our place to rest for the event!

By the way, most of us couldn't sleep well that night due to the excitement, lol.


These aren't Figma, but Millhi and Exia helped us decorating our booth that day. Ah no, scratch that. Exia was busy flirting with Millhi instead XD


From this point, I just mix the highlight of our booth on both day 1 and day 2. Since I didn't take too many pictures of our booth on day 1, I was busy wandering around to take picture of bless4. Pardon the laziness of this stupid me, guys XP

Well moving on, this is what our booth look like before the event started. Notice that now the remaining 3 banners have been added now, our booth was merrier now!

I came little bit late on day 1 but I was the one who get there first on day 2, by the way. And the picture below was taken from the day 2 :3


Let's get rid of the wrappers and let me show you what really inside our booth!


Look at all those Figmas! And those aren't all, we have some more on the left side that didn't get in this frame. One of the administrator did a quick count and there was about 111 Figmas displayed on the day 1. That broke our 60-ish Figmas record the first time we held a public display.


Closer look of our display case on the center.

As you can see the one inside the display case was organized with only Type Moon, Suzumiya Haruhi, and K-On! characters on it; while Figmas on the upper were randomly categorized or those who also belong to three categories I mention but didn't make it because the owner came late to our booth.

We also put the Figma line-up catalog we got from GSC booth on the center just make it merrier. And what were you doing there now Exia, photobombing?


Now let me get you to the photos submitted by our members.

Originally I had an idea to make a photo catalog/album of our member's collections because there were so many incredible members posted a great picture on our Facebook page and I wanted all AFA ID 2012 visitors to see it too. But due to many limitations I could't realize the idea and did an alternative so our members submit their creative photos and I will printed and put it on our booth. Again, because many limitations we could only use some of submitted photos, sorry guys!

On picture below, there are:
- "Cheer Miku" by Vicky Vq Ikki,
- "Red Chess" by Arya Pradana,
- "Z-E-R-O" by Johan Yu, and
- "Just a Little More" by Joenathan Tok


On the picture below, we have:
- "ラブリーマイエンジェルあやせたん" by you-should-know-who,
- "Kurisu" by Act Cornelia Nikita,
- "Thriller Dance" by Adry Wibowo,
- "Contract" by Riza Pratama Ramadhan,
- "Houkago Cosplay Time" by Johanes Andrew,
- "Racing Luka" by Charlie Anthony, and
- "BRS in Action" by Wahyu D. Jatipermana


Next on this side of partition we have:
- "Cyborg Mode" by Wikan Prabowo,
- "In the Forest" by Act Cornelia Nikita,
- "ヽ(´ε`)ノ" by its-another-Saori-Hayami-voiced-character-so-you-should-know-who, and
- "Saber Roll Sushi" by Zaken Salomo


Moving on, we have:
- "Sing Me Your Song" by Yuna Raginda,
- "Destiny Draw" by Arief Wardhana Trianto,
- "Harem" by Rizki Adhi,
- "You're Watching...." by the-one-writing-this-entry, and
- "ilovegirlwithglasses" by Johanes Andrew


This side we have:
- "After School Room Raiders" by Hindarto Susilo,
- "Under the Blue Sky" by Waeyu Gunday,
- "Puersona!" by Engga Putra P,
- "Cover Girl" by Erwin Gerung,
- "Append" by Agus Triwahyudi,
- "B.E.A.S.T." by Zaken Salomo, and
- "Afternoon Walk" by Purwanto Joyodipo Adji


And on the last partition we have:
- "Last Orenji!" by Alia Nadin,
- "Rainy Day" by Riza Pratama Ramadhan,
- "Old Fashion" by Nuealais Aquila, and
- Untitle picture by me D:

The last picture wasn't supposed to be put on the partition like the others. I printed it as a prank for our booth and SHFIndonesia booth because on that picture there was SHF Kamen Rider Fourze, and our booth and SHFIndonesia booth were side by side and I wanted to put it between our booth, but a friend put it like here before I could do what I planned XD

By the way, thank you guys for contributing awesome pictures. Without your contribution, our booth wouldn't be this awesome! m(_ _)m


Okay, moving on to our displayed Figma again~

Here, we have duo of extremely exclusive Figmas, Figma Racing Miku 2011 and Insane BRS (head swapped with Luka ^^;)............... with Drossel Charming XD
Sorry Charming, you were placed there not because you're exclusive but because there weren't any other place for you. It's not like we hate you, in fact we love you so much so we put you inside the display case where you'd be safer x3


And what we have here? Oooh, White BRS with a Busou Shinki!

Yes, one of our member is also a Busou Shinki collector, thus he brought some of his Busou Shinki collections and mixed it with Figma. It went perfectly match and extremely awesome if you ask me.


And yet another BRS combined with Busou Shinki, now we have BRS 2035 gattai-ed with matching black Busou Shinki.

You have to excuse me as I don't collect Busou Shinki and have absolutely no idea what that Busou Shinki is called ^^;


Another Busou Shinki combined with Figma, but it's not BRS! It's KOS-MOS now, yet it went extremely well. I blame you guys who brought these Shiki and made me want one myself! D:


Okay, so there was a rule for Exhibitor that we shouldn't displayed any homosexuality and/or sexually explicit material on AFA ID 2012. Yet one of administrator who came all the way from Malang brought this awesomely hilarious display. Since we're afraid it would violate the rule I mentioned, we decided not to display it publicly like the others, but save it for special occasion instead.


And this is a our display from day 2. Not much difference, eh?

Some of Figmas are brought back by their owner because they couldn't come on the day 2, including those Busou Shinki-ed BRSes. But we got another more Figmas and when I counted, the numbers weren't really different from day 2, it was still more than 110 Figmas there!


A special display for Nanoha characters.

Remember the "Harem" photo with 3 Signums on it? It was one of our administrator's, and he brought his 3 waifus on the event too. Well done :3


On the second day, since Insane BRS were also the one brought home by its owner, Drossel Charming now joined Doala, To-Lucky, and mini-figure of myselfwwww


Some of visitors who came didn't know that we treasure our Figmas collection and they played with it. Most of the time we could tell them don't touch it but there were some few times when our booth were so packed we couldn't stop them. So I took the initiative to write the rule, using Hard Gay's way of speaking and put it beside the Hard Gay figure I brought! XD

And yes, my writing sucks XD


On the right side of the booth there were Figmas from BRS and Bakemonogatari series below, while on the upper there were Marisa and Reimu from Touhou, Princess of Crystal, in-box King Kazuma, and more uncategorized Figma including Oppa Gangnam Style-ed Roger Smith and custom-made Mirai Millenium!


Closer look of awesome, special displayed Marisa and Reimu. Brought by our friend from Malang!


Remember our Figmania-exclusive Tomo-chan (from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series) from before? Yeah, we bring her back again to AFA ID 2012, along with new Kamen Rider Camo Clear Vent version. You won't see these two Figmas anywhere else!!


The two MISB Figmas from Queen's Blade and Queen's Gate series, Cute and Maron Makaron, respectively.

After playing Queen's Gate PSP game, I wanted that Maron desuno!! >3<


Here, we have my Ayase's playing skate board again. Since I was having hard time made her do a grind pose, I made her show her panty like that 'orz
Should have changed the skateboard to the otopet or roller blade, instead =A=;

We also have recently signed Hanekawa Tsubasa's box by Danny Choo and Aki Takanori. It was belong to one of the administrator.


And also Danny Choo-signed Figma Mirai and Moekana starter box belong to our members.

Ah, so what's happen with Danny? Did he visit our booth, you ask?


You bet he was! \:D/

Danny came to our booth on the day 2 (did you visit us on day 1, Danny? I didn't know if you did since I busy wandering around on day 1 XD). He took some pictures, including the custom-made Mirai Millenium.


He also signed our Ayase banner (I thought Aki-san signed this one, so why didn't Danny signed this one also XD). And I get to keep Ayase banner when we got home, so this banner is MINE!!! XDDD


And of course we asked Danny to take picture with all available administrators and members present that time.
Thank you for visiting our booth, Danny :D

PS: And yeah, most of the time on both day, I wore that Stitch hat XD


Our booth attracted many visitors. Most of them know characters from Fate Stay Night, Hatsune Miku, and K-On since they aired on Animax Asia, while fewer of them know other characters. But nonetheless our booth were packed most of the time <3


Many visitors took picture of our collection, and we were happy they did. And happier when some fans squeed when they saw their favorite characters on their Figma form.

But we often mistaken with shop. Some visitors asked how much the price of the displayed Figma so we had to put "For display only" text later ^^;;


Remember that I brought my Hard Gay figure here? Lot of people laughed or grossed by it but nonetheless they took picture of it anyway, so you could say that he attracted many visitors to came to our booth. So Max Watanabe-san, please make Figma Hard Gay (for me XD)!!

Anyway, there was a cosplayer who became Hard Gay on this event. This was the second (or was it third) time I saw him on an event. At first on day 1, I immediately took my Hard Gay figure and asked him for a picture together (picture wasn't available for you here XP). But on day 2 when I saw him again, me and my friend asked him to come to our booth XD

I requested him to take photo with displayed Hard Gay figure. He surprised there was Hard Gay figure there, seems that he forgot or didn't notice I brought it the day before ^^;


And then there was our turn to be surprised.

This Hard Gay was actually a Figma collector himself! Or he used to according to him since it's been long since he bought a new one. He has about 15 Figmas and looking for Figma Billy Herrington (not surprised there XD) and Figma STR because he's looking for a detail of STR costume so he could make STR costume for his friend.


I then asked him to take picture with our banner. He really looks like the real Hard Gay, doesn't he? ^^;


And finally, taking picture together with presented Figmania administrators and members that time.



One of the bright side of coming into gathering like this was you can try a Figma you didn't own. Well on the opposite side it could make you want it more badly XD

But for me, I could headswap all Figmas with my lovely Ayase. Like here, using Yandere-Ayase's head on Maron's body. The result was pretty good but it made me shiver thinking what if Ayase was a magical pattiserie like Maron is. Kyousuke would be dead in instant he made Ayase angry D:


And another headswap with Racing Miku to make a Racing Ayase <3


Like Racing Miku and Maron weren't busty enough, I used Daiki figure body that in-scale with Figma to make Ayase bustier and more delicious X3

Oh yeah, one of administrator have 4 different Daiki body which could be casted-off but of course we couldn't display it since it would clearly violate the rule. These pictures were taken when we cleaned our booth after AFA ID 2012 ended ^^


And the last busty-yet-still-SFW Ayase. HNNNGGGGGH, Ayase-tan!!!!!! <3

Of course there are more pictures I took with Daiki bodies but I couldn't post it here XP


The last surprise for us was when we were closing, Go Suzuki-san, sales from Good Smile Company, came to our booth and asked Figmania's cooperation to hold booth like this one on future event via GSC's distributor on Indonesia.

After that, we asked Go-san to take picture with us. Thank you for the opportunity, Go-san :D


Since I was one of the first guy to met with Go-san when he came to our booth, I got his card.
GSC sure has cool design for their employee's business card. Makes me want to collect them all, lol XD


And thus, AFA ID 2012 for Figmania and all of us ended.

We had lot of fun there. It was tiring yes, but it was really worth it. I could meet many members I could usually meet only on FB or WhatsApp and talked to them face to face. I hope AFA ID 2013 will be held next year so we could meet again, meet more members who couldn't come, and have more fun once again :D


And last but not least, I would like to say thank you for all the members who contributed for our booth. Without you guys we couldn't make this happen. So, thank you and thank you!

And for readers, even if you don't live on Indonesia, don't be shy to join us our community. You can join us on Facebook, just write "FIGMANIA" on the seach box, and you will see us. We also have a blog on Wordpress (rarely updated though, I'm looking at you web administrator XP) you can visit.

That's all for me, thank you for reading~!! :D


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