Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls - Jubei Yagyu Swimsuit ver 1/8 [CAUTION! ^w^]

Tue 2012/10/02 06:51 JST
Konichiwa Bruce-kun desu . . . nice to meet you ^ ~ ^
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Hello :3

So SO~! excited to have gotten the package from the mail last week . . . what came in was Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls - Jubei Yagyu Swimsuit ver, form the makers of amiami ZERO . . . and on top of that she is my very first cast off figure :p

There was a a piece of the sword guard that you stick onto her hair, but finding that its a tape I decided to leave as it is. Her swim suit is well made, however I find the easy part was to take it off lol . . . the hard part or I should say VERY . . . was to attach back her swim suit to connect the string piece to the bottom portion of her swim suit . . . I in the end don't want to force it, so I leave it as is which still looks alright . . . the pegs just touch so overall its not that bad. While I was taking the head off to remove the bikini top I found the neck area the manufacture didn't seem to have made a clean cut . . . So I carefully shaved down the extra bits so later the head can be perfectly. Her right arms is somewhat loose, but really much of a problem. The base does not physical attach to the figure, which I quite like it, the base was not that interesting just a plain blue with no logos or any markings

amiami ZERO quality is fairly decent, but not as great compared to ALTER . . . heh im not complaining >w< . . . happy to have another Jubei in my collection ^ ~ ^














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Konichiwa Bruce-kun desu . . . nice to meet you ^ ~ ^
Toronto · Graphic Designer