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Been a long time since I last post here. I usually most of my figure-related stuffs on my Tumblr now, and I'm not even posting a figure-related entry here, lol.

Anyway, this is the summary for Makishima Saori route from the 'Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsudzuku Wake ga Nai" PSP game released months ago. Read at your own risk because it contains spoilers, even from the light novel. And please take into consideration that this is only a fan translation, I'm not really fluent on both Japanese or English :3

Saori route here is may or may not the direct sequel from the first game, because there is thing overlapping regarding of Kirino and Kuroneko knowing Kyousuke and Saori new relationship. On the first game, at the end of the game the couple told Kirino and Kuroneko that they have become a couple but on this game, Kirino and Kuroneko didn't know yet. The other parts of the story may continuing the first game. I won't spoil it since zidanechoo2 is now doing Saori Route of the first game on his Youtube channel.

On this route, we also meet a character those who already read the light novel should have known already. It was Makishima Kaori, Saori's older sister. And regarding the light novel, since Saori route here is also written by Fushimi Tsukasa himself, there are part of the story that referencing a story from the light novel, to be exact the volume 6 of the light novel. Seanver has written the summary of it on his Wordpress blog so you should read it if you want to know more. Okay, enough of (long) introduction, enjoy the summary guys!


Waking up on one morning during summer holiday, with Summer Comicket has just ended, Kyousuke is wondering what will he do today. He also just made a girlfriend this summer, her girlfriend name is Makishima Saori, a girl he never thought he will falls for. On a summer comicket, Saori finally mustered her courage and went out not with the usual otaku-ish cloths she usually wore, but as her “true self”.


Just as he about to call his girlfriend, his phone is ringing.

“Err... Kyousuke-san? This is me, Saori’s speaking”
“Y-yeah, it’s me. What happens?”
“Err..... It’s... Actually I’m currently near Kyousuke-san’s house right now. If it doesn’t bother you, I want to take your time for a little bit.”
“(-- Whoa. Nice timing. Fufu)... I’m about to call you just now too, you know.”
“You did?... Fufufu, we’re thinking the same thing. So.... Err..... Err....”
“Since [that event], this will be the first time we meet, won’t it?”
“([That event]... As, she’s talking the time about she confessed.) Yep.”
“.... I want to talk about.... So many things... about us and our relationship from now on.”
“Oh, come to my house then. Right now the noisy girl isn’t home, so we can take our time to talk.”
“Eh.....? N, no, th-that would be..... If I have to come to Kyousuke-san’s house so sudden like that.... My preparation is...”
“Preparation? (Up until now she came here all the time just fine, didn’t she?... Ah but come to think of it, it’s just like she said, this time it’s quite different)... Ah, I see.”
“Going to your boyfriend’s house for the first date isn’t a good idea, after all. There is no one here too.”
“P-please don’t say it casually like that.”
“Haha, my bad.”
“I’m currently on nearby park right now... How about we meet here?”
“Okay, I’ll go there right now.”


Kyousuke arrives at the park. There, her girlfriend welcomes him.

“Good day, Kyousuke-san.”
“Calling you here so suddenly like this... Am I not bothering you?”
“Of course you’re not. Haha, I also want to meet you.”
“... Thank God.”


Seeing Saori so graceful like that, Kyousuke wonders that the gap between two personalities of Saori is too huge. The Saori he used to know for the longest time is the Saori whom a complete otaku with nonchalant and easy going personality. Kyousuke can’t believe that Saori and the Saori in front of his eyes right now is the same person.

OtakuSa: “What’s wrong, Kyousuke-shi? Why do you stare at me so intensely like that? Ohohooo, so you have finally acknowledge and fallen to my beauty?♪“
OjouSa: “… I-It’s embarrassing. Kyousuke-san…. Please don’t stare at me”

That’s the example of their personality difference Kyousuke imagines.


“… I-I wonder why… But this is becoming more nervous, isn’t this Kyousuke-san?”

Kyousuke also realizes the tension is becoming higher between them after they are in relationship. Kyousuke blames her girlfriend’s good look. On her eyes, Saori is different from cute girls like Kirino or Ayase, Saori is more like, “gorgeous”, to put it in word. To break the awkwardness, Kyousuke does a small talk.

“Today you’re not wearing your glasses, aren’t you.”
“Ah… Is it better for you if I’m wearing it? I just remember Kyousuke-san has megane-fetish, don’t you?”
“Oi you! I’m just doing small talk! And besides, your glasses is the swirly round glasses, that’s different than the type of glasses I like.”
“….. Then, it’s fine if I’m wearing a normal glasses?”
“Hmm?... Now that you mention it, that’s probably great. How about we go buy one right now?”
“… Uhm, this turn of event, I’m honestly surprised.”
“Haha, but you know, if it’s you, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing glasses or not.”
“… Wh-what does that mean?”
“You look great either way.”
“------- Haaa--------“

Embarrassed to be complimented like that, Saori covers her face with her hands.

“Errr…. Sorry, my bad.”
“….. I-it’s okay. M-M-M-Me too, I-I have to apologize… After you’ve been so kind to praise me…. Uuuh.”

Saori covers her face again out of embarrassment. Kyousuke then tries to help his girlfriend and reach Saori.

“He-hey Saori---“

Just when Kyousuke touches Saori’s fingers a little bit, Saori runs away. Really fast.

“Wha-?! Oi oi oi oi oi…. Why she’s so fast--- Damn it!”

Kyousuke finally catches Saori.

“Why did you run all of sudden?”
“Kyo-Kyousuke-san… I-It’s… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry!”
“Err… Don’t apologize like that, it’s not like you did anything wrong.”
“E-err….. Please don’t laugh, okay?”
“I-it’s weird if I say it right now, but… F-for me, to go outside with this looks, I’m still not get use to it…! To-today I have to resist to not to cry and bring out my courage... Since my young age, I have a little confidence and I am a very very shy person…. I’m really not cut out to be a lady.”
“Well, I kinda know. It looks that you ran away because you’re embarrassed of me.”
“… T-true. Even when I asked to meet you on the phone earlier, I feel like I was about to die. And when you’re finally here, I have thought to ran away back home for countless time because it’s too embarrassing.”
“I see. Holding that feeling, but you still came all the way here.”
“… Yes. Today--- and from now on, I want to show Kyousuke-san myself as I truly am.”
“’As you truly are’, eh? So this look and personality—Is this your true self?”
“….. I wonder. I don’t really understand yet. I’ve been hiding under other personality for a long time, after all. My true self…. I have forgotten about it.”
“I see.”
“But, probably this current look… The me right now, definitely the closest to my true self--- or so I think. Because, this is, out of all ‘me’ inside…. This is the most pathetic ‘me’. That’s why, err… Can I please ask Kyousuke-san to not tease me and do things that make me embarrassed? If you do, I can’t guarantee what will happen, hehe.”
“What a weird confession. But you know, it will make your life difficult if you don’t do something about it. You should already realize it, that’s why you wore this cloth here, right?”
“Ye-Yes. This pathetic part of me--- I wish to cure it. Kyousuke-san….. Will you…. help me overcome it?”
“Well of course (A life counseling for my cute girlfriend—There is no way I abandon her). I think we have to practice.”
“Yup. We can practice doing stuffs you’re embarrassed, step by step, to overcome it.”
“Y-you probably right. F-for example…. What do you have in mind?”
“For example, like this.”

Kyousuke then gets close to Saori, and then holds her hands.

“--- Today, you have done your best”
“Oo~~i….. Saori…. San?”

Saori faints.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee!? (That far? Her shyness is on that level?!!)”

Before Saori falls to the ground, Kyousuke catches her body.

“Uoo, hup! Dangerous! Khu… she’s heavy…”

With his strength, Kyousuke carries Saori to nearby bench.


After a short rest on the bench, the couple is now in front of Kousaka house.

“Err, Kyousuke-san….. This is…”
“As you can see, my house.”
“I know what you’re going to say. Coming to your boyfriend’s house where no one’s inside is embarrassing, right?”
“P-Please…. Don’t say it bluntly.”
“Think it this way: This is exactly why you have to come inside!”
“To overcome your shyness, the first step is to come inside my house!”
“Err… If I’m wrong then I apologize, but is it possible that Kyousuke-san…. You’re using training to overcome my shyness as an excuse to make me come into your house…?”
“O-of course not.”
“For real?”
“……. Sorry. You’re half right.”
“I-I knew it!”
“No! But, it’s also half wrong! The part of wanting my girlfriend to come into my house is true, but I’m not planning of doing anything weird!”
“O-Of course!! G-geez, Kyousuke-san…… You’re… pervert.”
“Sorry (But, as expected Saori is--- Wearing this dress, she’s really girly)… Err, I was thinking after this we can discuss a solution for you to overcome your shyness, but if you don’t want to come inside then—“
“I-I understand… Let’s come inside.”
“We’re just going into my house, don’t say it with such resolution like you’re going into some battle fields.”
“Oh well. Okay, come.”
“…. You won’t do anything ecchi, okay?”
“I won’t.”
“….. If you force me… I’ll definitely…. Die. Probably?”
“I know, geez. You don’t have to cry.”


Saori then successfully comes inside, so now they’re discussing what to do for Saori’s lesson to overcome her shyness.

“So Kyousuke-san, what should we do for training?”
“Hmm… Ah but, just right now, aren’t you more relaxed compared to a while ago? Isn’t this already a progress?”
“Probably--- it’s because we’re already inside the house. Before we come inside it’s very nervous for me, but after I took the first step and come inside, all of my nervous are gone.”
“Hmmm, so that’s why. Then… Ah right, how about holding our hands?”
“HII!! Wh-what are you saying? No way no way no way no way, it’s definitely impossible for me! If I do that, I’ll die out of embarrassment!!”
“… Impossible, huh? Summer holiday will end shortly, I was hoping we could go on a date for the remaining time, but if it’s like this…”
“.. Ah. Me too.”
“… Me too…. I want to go…. On a date.”
“I see. Ah then how about this? Today, we do a date rehearsal. We learn what to do on a situation where it’s only two of us. And starting tomorrow, we learn further when we’re on the actual date. How’s that sounds?”
“… I don’t have any objection, but… What exactly are we going to do on the rehearsal?”
“Hmm, let see. How about playing ecchi game together?”
“Ky-Kyousuke-san, please don’t joking! I-I told you that I won’t do any e-ecchi things, didn’t I?”
“What part of it lecherous? I always do that with Kirino anyway.”
“That’s because you siblings are abnormal.”
“Your true self gets angry easily, isn’t it?”
“I-it’s only because Kyousuke-san makes me angry!”
“Sorry, sorry. But I’m not thinking of ‘those’ parts of ecchi game, you know. Since it’s love simulation, then there’s definitely resourceful normal date scenes for our rehearsal.”
“That way of thinking, as a girl it’s probably the last thing I’d think of.”
“(Looks like she’s really against it) Even the all-age edition?”
“A no is a no.”


“Then, let’s do other thing for our rehearsal.”
“Uuh, you get back on your feet so easily, aren’t you… What do you have in mind then?”
“Holding hand is impossible, right?”
“I’ll die.”
“Hmm… From my point of view, looks like what makes you embarrassed is when I’m the one making the move.”
“I-I think.”
“Then let’s do the opposite, you’re the one touching me. How about that? Is it embarrassing for you?”
“I-I wonder… I have to try it first, I think.”
“Okay. So, wanna try?”
“Errr… If you stare at me like that, it makes me embarrassed.”
“… Got it, I’ll close my eyes. Here.”
“……. You can still take a peek, can’t you?”
“You can be so handful sometimes…. Here, close my eyes with this towel…. It’s fine now, right?--- Come!”
“O, okay”

Saori then poking Kyousuke’s hand.

“How’s that?”
“Looks like I’m fine.”
“Good. Let’s do the next step then. Here, grasp my hand.”
“… L-like this?”

Saori then slowly grasps Kyousuke’s hand.

“Hey, you sure can do it if you try!”
“I-I did it.”
“Okay, now try feel my hand.”
“P-Pardon the intrusion…. L-like this?”

Saor I then keeps touching Kyousuke’s hands.

“O-oi, don’t touch any weird part!”
“Ah, is that ticklish? I apologize.”
“… Ah no, don’t worry… It’s fine.”
“…. So, next one, can I feel your arm?”
“Come whenever you’re ready!”

When Saori’s doing it, Kyousuke thinks that from other people’s point of view, this thing he and Saori do can be considered freaky and weird, Kyousuke wonders what will Kirino thinks if she sees them. After a while, looks like Saori has finished playing with Kyousuke’s arm.

“What’s wrong? You have enough?”
“Ah no…. I’m still haven’t finished yet.”

With the towel covering his eyes, Kyousuke can’t see what Saori really does so he keeps his position. Unbeknown of him, Saori is mustering her courage, and suddenly…


Feeling a really soft thing touching him makes Kyousuke surprises, Kyousuke opens the towel by reflect.

“… Wh-what is it? Please don’t let out such loud voice so sudden, you really make me surprised”
“Do-don’t play dumb! Just now, you just…”
“… Hm? I can’t understand what are you trying to say.”
“……. You, are you really shy?”
“My my, you’re really making a fuss over small thing. I just touched you with my finger a little bit.”
“WAS IT REALLY A FINGER?! (You really make me skip a heart beat) …. Fine, I understand. Next would be my turn.”
“Y-your turn…?”
“From this lesson, I’m positive that what makes you embarrass is when you realize other people can see you. And when you know they can’t see, you just do anything you want.”
“Talking is futile. This time, while watching your face, I will do what you just did to me.”
“EEEEEH---! T-that would be too embarrassing!!”
“IT’S MORE EMBARASSING FOR ME!! ---- I’ll make sure you take the responsibility for what you just did to me!”


After their chaotic first date (rehearsal), both of them are now in Kyousuke’s room. Kyousuke thinks Kirino should be come home right about now.

“Come to think of it, we should tell them about our relationship, right?”
“You’re talking about Kiririn-san and Kuroneko-san, aren’t you?”
“I wonder if it’ll be fine?”
“What is?”
“I’m afraid since our love is a relationship between members, it will breaking our circle apart.”
“Do you mean it will make us fight and they will against our relationship?”
“… Yeah.”
“You sure worry about such trivial thing. Whatever happens happen, it’s useless if we’re thinking too much about it. We’re already in relationship so we can’t rewind it, and we can’t just keep it from them since they are our friends.”
“Then, we’ll do what we have to do. We’ll think what we should do afterwards after we see their reaction.”
“I do think it’s the right thing to do…. But being honest, I’m jealous of that spontaneous part of Kyousuke-san.”
“Errr… You’re not really compliment me right now, aren’t you? Oh well, now it left us with another problem. What should we do for our date tomorrow? Do you have any place you want to go to?”
“… Yes. The truth is, I have a place in mind where I want to go to together with Kyousuke-san---“
“Hoo, where, where?”
“The beach♥“
“THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! We’re talking about you, who just had difficult time to only holding hands. Don’t set your goal too high!! This is freaking beach you're talking about! There will be a lot of people there, and you have to wear a swimsuit on top of that, you’ll definitely die!”
“I-I’ll be fine! I have thought of a way!”
“It’s against the rule to come as Vajeena (because that would make me disappoint).”
“Yes, I understand.”
“….. Hmmmh, if you said that then I don’t have any reason to against it. Will it be really okay?”






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Of course not, it's not even half of the story. You can read the rest of the summary on my blog ☆~<(>ω・)

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