Hitomi meets her new sisters

Fri 2012/12/14 08:46 JST
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Alright, everyone saw when Hitomi actually arrived but right after she did, Rei took her to see my other MDD girls. So while Katerina was meeting the rest of the family, Hitomi was meeting some of the other girls.


Kino and Minako are playing board games while Mashiro and Miyuki are doing some online shopping. Hey wait a minute!!


"Ooo! A three!"


"Good roll! But now I need a five to beat you."


"Look at all those pretty hair ribbons! I sure could use those..."


"I wonder if Papa would get me this skateboard for Christmas...."


Rei - "Hello girls. We have a new family member."

H - "Hello!"

K - "Oh! Hi there."


Minako - "Oooo! Another MDD! She's cute!"

Mashiro - "I don't know this one...."


M - "You invited another girl to join the Brigade?"

R - "No. Papa adopted her from one of his friends without telling me. I am as surprised as you are about her arrival."


"Hi! My name's Hitomi! My mom sent me here to live with you because she said yall were nice and that I could have fun here and play with yall!"


M - "Just so you know Rei, I had nothing to do with bringing her here. So please don't think I was hiding anything from you."

R - "No, I did not think that Mashiro. Her story sounds plausible enough. I will speak with Papa when he gets home tho... not telling me about this kind of ticks me off."


"Hey there little one! You're adorable! What's your name? I didn't hear you earlier."


Minako - "Hey! Don't go stealing our new friend!"


Miyuki - "What? I'm not stealing her Minako, I'm just saying hello!"

Minako - "But she wants to play with me and Kino! Let us play first!"

Miyuki - "Fine, fine."


M - "Here, you can sit in my chair. Kino will play against you first."

H - "Okay! What are we playing?"

M - "It's a stick race. You roll the dice and move your stick the number of places the die shows you. Easy!"


"Ohhh okay! I get it! Lemme roll it and win!"


"Aww! I only got two!"


M - "That's okay tho. You have lots of chances to win! I'll move your stick for you and then it's Kino's turn to roll."


"Ok, I'm ready!"


"Ahh, I got four!"


H - "This is pretty fun Nako!"

M - "Nako? Is that what you said?"

H - "Nako! Heehee!"


Miyuki - "Can I talk to her now Minako?"

Minako - "Well, we're still playing...."


H - "Nako! Nako! Let her play with us! She's really pretty... can she play too?"

M - "Well, I guess so. We can do teams."

H - "Yay!"


M - "Kino and I will be on one team and you and Miyuki can be on the other team."


M - "So your name's Hitomi? That's a really pretty name."

H - "Thank you! What's your name pretty lady?"

M - "Hee hee, it's Miyuki!"

H - "Ki-ki!"


Minako - "Ok Hitomi, you roll first and Miyuki can move the stick."

H - "Yeah! I'm gonna roll! Momma needs a new pair of shoes!"

K - "What's that mean?"

Miyuki - "Heh, she's too funny."



Miyuki and Hitomi.


And all three of my adorable MDD girls!

I would like to thank Pacino for letting me adopt her Hitomi. Even tho she used to be on a DDI body, I decided she would look much cuter on the MDD body so I fixed up one of the spare bodies I bought and made it all good for her to use. I think she turned out nicely. =3

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Anime watcher and DD collector. And now the proud Papa of 19 Dollfie Dreams! ACK!!
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