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Tue 2012/12/18 17:42 JST
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Today we have released the "Flickr sync" feature!

This enables you to send your photos to your own Flickr account when creating a post.
You can also sync photos from your previous posts.


How do I enable Flickr sync?

First sign up with Flickr.

After that, edit your account, click on the Flickr button and it will send you to Flickr to authorize our site to send photos to your account.

After that is done you will see your Flickr account name in the button with a checkbox below:


Options for syncing

Automatically upload images to my Flickr account

The automatic upload checkbox enables you to set and forget about the Flickr sync. All posts you create will get synced to Flickr and any changes to images will be synced behind the scenes. You won't need to do anything manually.

Single Post Automatic Syncing

On post create, if you do not have automatic sync enabled on your account, you will see a checkbox for "Sync this post with flickr?" which is checked by default. Checking that box will enable automatic syncing for that post only. Once you create and publish the post it will sync with Flickr behind the scenes.

Manual Syncing & Flickr Sync Status

To manually sync photos to Flickr or check on the status of your photos you can go to the "Manage Images" window. Click "Manage Post" in the top menu and then select "Manage Images" from the dropdown:


Here you can manage your photos on Flickr by either syncing them or deleting them from Flickr.
A small flickr icon will appear in the bottom right of each thumbnail to indicate its status:

  • White - synced with flickr
  • Yellow - either currently syncing with flickr or needs to be synced
  • Red - an error occurred and you will need to try syncing again

If there are any errors more information will appear below the image.

Sending previous posts to Flickr

To send your previous posts to Flickr you'll need to go into each post, open the "Manage Images" window and click the "Sync all with Flickr" button.
We're looking into ways to make this easier for those of you wishing to sync a lot of previous posts.

Things to note
  • You need a Pro flickr account to be able to replace images. This is a limitation of the Flickr API.
  • A post must be published to have its photos synced with Flickr. Automatic syncing will only start once the post is published
  • If you unpublish a post after previously sending images to Flickr you will need to go to "Manage Images" and choose the option to delete images from Flickr if you no longer wish them to appear on Flickr
  • If the "Manage Images" window shows a red box with an error message it means this image failed to sync with flickr. You can press the "Sync all with Flickr" button to try again
  • A common error is "Bad URL". This means a link you put in your post or image description is banned by Flickr. You'll need to remove it, or shorten it with or other url shortening services.


Let us know in the comments below if you have any problems.

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Full-stack Ruby developer
Tokyo · CTO @ Mirai Inc