Gift Wrapping

Fri 2012/12/14 11:24 JST
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I love wrapping gifts and I thought Saber might want to get in on the fun. ^_^


Saber, would you like to help me with something?

Saber: Of course master. It would be my pleasure.


Saber: What is it that you would like me to do?

It's on the floor dear. :)


Saber: These things? What shall I do with them?

I'd like for you to help me wrap them. They are Christmas gifts. ^_^


Saber: Wrap package them like we did those monster girls a while back?

Yeah....something like that. haha. Except we won't be mailing them thins time around.

*thinks to self* ...Saber's skirt is she not eating as much snacks?


Well, let's get started! We are going to need some wrapping paper.

Saber: Will this colorful paper suffice?

yes, that's exactly what we need. :)


You take that and roll it out.

Saber: *roll roll roll*


Then you take this little box,


and put it in the bigger box. :D

Saber: *throws little box into bigger box*

Don't just toss it down like that! Its precious cargo.

Saber: it for me?

Of course not, if it was I wouldn't let you wrap it.

Saber: Then it is not very!



*sighs* alright, then you fold the paper over the box.

Saber: Like so?



Then I'll put some tape on it. So hold it still.

Saber: okay.


Then I'll cut away what we need. Look out! *Snip snip snip*

Saber: Pft, you could not cut me even if you tried master.


Then you fold tape some more and you're done!

Saber: How is this master? Is is satisfactory?

It's okay for your first time. Would you like to try again?

Saber: *determined* Yes!


Here, lets use this paper next. :)

Saber:'s, it's beautiful...this deep, rich red and the's fit for a king's gift.

haha, glad you like it, but thats just the inside of the paper. No one will see it until its ripped apart on Christmas morning.


Saber: *admiring the paper some more* Such a waste..

here is the next gift.

Saber: !!! More red. <3


Saber cuts and tapes and wraps and wraps and wraps until*

Saber: Master, how is this!??!

uuummmmm, you're getting sure did use a lot of tape this time, didn't you ^_^;

Saber: UGH!!!!


Saber: Please Master!! Let me try again!!

Sure. Not a problem, these is still one more left to wrap for tonight.


Saber: Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

Here you go.

*Saber gets right to work*


Saber:.......nooooo, I tried so hard to.

Saber, what are you doing?


Saber: I'm sorry master, I have failed you...this one doesn't look nice either.

Silly girl, this is your best one! It looks great. After we wrap the gifts I have left you'll be a gift wrapping pro!

Saber: Really?


Of course! After all, you are my servant, my Saber. <3

Saber: *Sniff*

Now, lift your head and rise from that position. A noble warrior such as yourself does NOT take such a stance.

Saber: Yes Master!!!


As a thank you for helping here you are.

Saber: What's that?


Its a stocking. You hang it from the fireplace during the holidays and at christmas santa comes down the chimney and leaves you goodies in it.


Yes, Santa, good ol Saint Nick. haha. He delivers gifts to all the good boys and girls and warriors and masters and servants all over the world in one night so that all the good people can open their gifts Christmas morning.

Saber: Wow.

Yup, and if you want something, then hang your stocking anywhere you'd like. Our fireplace doesn't have a mantel so you can't hang it there, but don't worry, I'll make sure Santa finds it. :)


Saber: I see, thank you very much master, its even in my favorite color and its sparkly. :)

No problem love. <3 Hey! Oki!! Ooooookkiiiiiii!!!


Oki: ????

Here you are, this one is for you. :D

Saber: !???!?


Saber: Master!! Why would you give him one!? He doesn't deserve it!


Don't be silly Saber, Oki is a good boy. <3


Remember! If you are a naughty girl santa will leave coal in your nice, pretty, sparkly, red stocking.

Saber: *gasp*


Saber: *clutches stocking* ...I'll, I'll be a good girl Master.

Good. ^_^


Saber: Come here you.

Oki:.....? :D


Saber: *hugs Oki, squeezing him* See master? We are getting along just fine.

Oki: *hugs Saber back* <3 <:'D

*thinking to self* ......Oki seems really happy....has she ever hugged him? -_-

Okay, you two continue to be good. I have other things to attend to. See you later. :)

Saber: Bye master, we'll be good.


*As soon as I'm out of sight and ear shot*

Saber: Get off me you! *pushes Oki off*

Oki: ???? *whines*


Saber: Honestly! What respectable master would hug and adore a servant like you. humph! *goes back to her 'throne'*

Oki: ????? *shrugs*


Later on I found Oki and Saber and we all decided on a spot for their stockings. Saber wanted to hang them from my dresser so she could see them from her 'throne'. She says something about wanting to catch santa in the act of leaving her goodies. lol

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Just an Animator who loves her anime, dolls and figures.
United States (GA) · Animator, part time Cashier, Dollfie lover ·