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Sat 2013/01/12 08:16 JST
even id the morrow is barren of promises nothing shall forestall my return
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some time back Rise begged me for a self defense tool. today she gets it

[ p.s. when i got the sword i suspected the handle would stain like the saber lily one did with rei sama. so i did a test with this one. i rubbed the handle with some paper and it did rubs off. so i used some mr clear matte finish on it. about 4 coats did the test again and then it didnt. now will start a endurance test of a hand holding it for long time]


Rise walks up and pokes my leg
me: what is it/
R: so did you get it yet?
me: i did. i forgot to give it to you


Rise climbs up


R: Gimme please
*holds out arms


me: here ya go. now be careful with it
R: i know i know



R: whoa its so pretty and comes with a scabbard
me: well yea you cant magically materialise swords like Sakuya does


R: its soooooo shiny
me: its called spirit sword arataka. i got it from this Sakura girl that needed the cash for some robotparts


R: it has this pointy tip and a line through the blade.
me: thats a blood groove. it makes it lighter for you so it handles better


me: but wait theres more. unlike Sakuya you have a delicate frame. and i would hate for you to get hurt so i got you some body armor.
R: armor. i cant wear anything that heavy
me: dont worry its a new state of the art kevlar carbon weave cloth. ultralight but can stop attacks like their olderbulky armor.


me: and it comes in pink
R: it does. ow i like that and you already bought it so i would feel bad for not accepting it.
R; whoa it is pretty thank you for thinking about lil ole me



R: how does it look?
me: its gut i like it


R: you are right it is very light.
me: hehehe. but remember it only strengthens a little. you are not impervious to all attacks
R: it still feels safe. i like how it wraps around my body so tightly


Rise salutes.
R: reporting for duty
me: crazy little girl. the military doesnt even uses these yet


R: attack the flank
me: wow you really are in attack mode


R: now to do some training


R: swoosh...... ching......pfoooo
me: what are you doing?
R: making sound effects. makes it look cooler



me: i think you should take some proper lessons. or you would still be unable to defend yourself.
R; hmmm... but i am a genius i can easily figure it out.
me: why try to reinvent the wheel. its easier to just accept the help.
R: fine ill look at it later




me: Rise hows the training.
R: its gut. saw some lesson on youtube and i am getting along fine


me: but remember dont go pick fights
R: i would never do that
me: i hope this will go well

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even id the morrow is barren of promises nothing shall forestall my return
my house · bomb squad specialist