Photo Kano - Ootani Momoko Route Summary

Mon 2013/01/28 23:35 JST
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-== This entry will contain spoiler from game (and probably for the upcoming anime) ==-

On this entry I'd like to share one of my favorite from this game. A little introduction, Photo Kano is a love simulation game for PSP released last year. It's quite popular since it has many manga adaptations, and on April both sequel for PSVita and anime adaptation will be released! Just like the title suggested, it has photography theme and feature on it. For more information you can read my review of this game on my blog.

On to Ootani Momoko, she is one of secret heroine on this game, in fact she is the last heroine to be unlocked. Unlike the rest of the heroines who are student, Momoko is a teacher, an intern to be exact. Her route also feels more special due to the nature of her plot. Her route also adapted into manga, Photo Kano Memorial Pictures which serialized on Comic Earth Star magazine and the first volume of the tankoubon has been released months ago. You can read the first chapter online on the official site.

Well then, to the summary, happy read :)


Kazuya Maeda got a DSLR camera from his father on the summer holiday. So when the new semester starts, he brings that camera hoping to find interesting pictures. The first class of the new semester then is about to begin, a young woman enters the class 2-B.

Mo: “E-everyone, please take your seat!”
Ma: “(Huh? Who is she?)”

The whole class thinking the same just like Maeda, wondering who is the woman standing in front of them.

Mo: *inhale* “Everyone, good morning! Pleased to meet you, my name is Ootani Momoko. From today onward, as an intern teacher on this school, I will study together with everyone in this class. I’m in your care!”

The whole class then starts to make reaction. The boys asking question such as if Momoko has a boyfriend and her three size measurement.

Mo: “Err… I don’t have a boyfriend right now. And for my three size…”
Ma: “(S-she’s going to answer that, seriously?!)”
Mo: “I leave it to your imagination. Okay then, I will start to take your attendance.”

Momoko then starts taking attendance, but strangely every persons whose name she said aren’t on the class.

Ma: “(Aihara? Akasaka? There’s no one with that name here on this class. Don’t tell me..)”

The door of the class then opened once again. It’s Kitagawa Misa, the homeroom teacher of class 2-B.

Ki: “Ootani-san! What are you doing here?”
Mo: “Ah, Kitagawa-sensei. I’m taking the student’s attendance here, what about it?”
Ki: “That’s not what I’m asking of. Your class is 3-A, isn’t it? This is class 2-B! You get both the class and the building wrong!”
Mo: “Eh? Eh? EEEEEEEEH!!”

On Kouga High, they separate the buildings for each grade so it’s very unlikely for anyone to get on wrong grade.

Mo: “I-I’m sorry. This is my first day so I was nervous… Errr… Then, until then, everyone. Even though all I did is only self-introduction, but I have to go. If you see me around, please don’t hesitate to call me, okay~ Until then—“
Ki: “Geez… I wonder if she’s able to do it”
Ma: “(Ootani… Momoko-sensei, huh. She sure is pretty)”


On the afternoon, Maeda is walking around the school’s park, and there he sees Momoko. It seems that Momoko is lost.

Mo: “This is so stressful. That is north building… Isn’t it? Then, right this way is the south building. Haaah… I’m not sure. They all look just the same. But in the first place…. Which way is south again? The sun should be set on the west, so…”

While he’s watching, there’s a girl walking to Maeda. It’s Kanon, Maeda’s little sister.

Ka: “Hm? Niiyan, who is that person standing in the center? She’s very pretty~”
Ma: “Ah, Kanon. You're talking about Ootani-sensei?”
Ka: “You know her?”
Ma: “Yeah. From today she is teaching on our school for her study.”
Ka: “An intern teacher? I see~ So that’s why she doesn’t look like a teacher at all.”
Ma: “Hahaha.”
Ka: “Rather than a teacher, she looks more like an older sister~”
Ma: “She sure is. Ah Kanon, move away from there. I’m about to take her picture.”
Ka: “Eeh~ How about me~? You won’t take mine~?”
Ma: “I can always take yours anytime. Hurry up and move already.”
Ka: “Gee~z! Aren’t you not too cold with your own little sister?”
Ma: “That’s one negative too many.”

Maeda then takes Momoko’s picture. Momoko still hasn’t figured out which is which yet.


Ka: “Niiyan, she is looking troubled. This is not the time to take a picture.”
Ma: “I-I guess (But by the way… Ootani-sensei sure has big breasts, doesn’t she. Compared to this one we have here…)”
Ka: “Huh? AAAA---H!! You’re comparing us---!!! Meanieeeee!! Pervert!! Hentaaa---i!!!”
Ma: “You!! Don’t scream those words out loud here, it’s going to attr-…”
Mo: “Wh-what’s happening? Y-you, what are you doing to this girl!?”
Ma: “I didn’t do anything! And anyway, she is my li—“
Ka: “SENSE~~I! This person, he saw me with such lewd eyes. He is a pervert.”
Mo: “What did you say!? D-don’t tell me you’re going to take her picture with that camera!”
Ma: “It’s a misunderstanding! I didn’t do anything!”
Ka: “Huuuu… He took a picture of my underwear. I can’t be a bride anymore…”
Mo: “H-how dare you… Come with me to the personnel room!”
Ma: “N-no!”
Ka: “Ahahaha, punishment! Punishment! You should reflect on this, Niiyan.”
Mo: “Niiyan?”
Ka: “Ah…”
Mo: “By Niiyan….. Did you mean older brother?”
Ka: “Ehehe, you caught me. Ping poo-ng! This pervert guy here, is my big brother~”
Ma: “Don’t say I’m a pervert!”
Mo: “Haaah, geez… Don’t surprise me like that. I thought something was really happening here.”
Ma: “I’m really sorry for the ruckus we caused. My little sister here is always been mischievous.”
Ka: “But the part where he saw me lecherously was true.”
Mo: “Did you?”
Ma: “I-I didn’t!”
Ka: “Aaa—h, liar! You did stare at me! You were comparing my breast with Sensei’s, like this. Thiiiiii~~~s”
Mo: “Eh?”
Ka: “Fueh? Uuuh… But it’s true, that size and shape are very awesome. I guess I can understand Niiyan’s feeling.”
Ma: “See? Right? Right?”
Mo: “G-geez, so that’s it. But we’re the same, just the same.”
Ka: “Uuuh, impossible. We’re absolutely different.”
Mo: “I'm not talking about the size. The size doesn’t matter, I’m talking about what’s inside. Our maiden heart is just the same, after all.”
Ka: “Waaaaaaaah, Sensei, that’s good. Please tell me your name~”
Mo: “Ootani Momoko. I’m in charge of class 3-A.”
Ka: “I’m Maeda Kanon, class 2-B! Nice to meet you, err…. Momochan-sensei!”
Ma: “O-oi, don’t call a teacher with nickname like that.”
Mo: “Ah, it’s fine it’s fine~ I understand I’m still not really act like one, Momochan-sensei is enough. If any, I’m already happy just with “-sensei” call, Maeda Kazuya-kun.”
Ma: “Why do you know my name?”
Mo: “Even though turn out I got in the wrong class, but I’ve done my self introduction on your class. So I thought I have to memorize all student’s name of class 2-B. While on the break, I tried to remember the name and how they look from the photo."
Ma: “Eh?”
Ka: “Awesome! You have memorized it?”
Mo: “Memorizing has a trick. If you try to remember by the special feature, it’s become much easier.”
Ma: “I see.”
Ka: “Then then, what’s my Niiyan’s special feature?”
Mo: “Uuum… If I must say, his special feature is he doesn’t have one.”
Ma: “Haha” *monotone laugh*
Ka: “Ahahaha” *monotone laugh*
Mo: “Fufu. But just now there’s another special feature I noticed. That camera, did you always bring it?”
Ma: “Ah yes, actually I just joined Photography Club today.”
Ka: “Eeeh! Seriously? Niiyan joins a club. So you like photography that much. This is your first, right? I’ll root for you. Seeing Niiyan doing his best makes me happy too. C’mon, take my picture, take my picture.”
Ma: “That’s just so you can feel like an idol. Doing pose and have your pictures taken, isn’t it?”
Ka: “Ahaha, you got me.”
Mo: “Hee~ Kanon-chan, you want to be an idol?”
Ka: “I aaaaa~m! It’s my dream since I was little.”
Mo: “I see. Having a dream is so nice.”
Ka: “Momochan-sensei, is becoming teacher your dream?”
Mo: “Hm?... Yes, of course it is.”
Ka: “I see. Then, soon you’ll make it comes true, right?”
Mo: “Fufu, yes.”
Ma: “By the way Sensei, you looked very troubled just now.”
Mo: “Ah! Right right, I was. I thought I will go look around the school to get use to it, but I don’t know which way back. Where is the personnel room again~~?”
Ma: “Personnel room is on the second floor of south building.”
Mo: “I know that, what I don’t get is which is the south building. In the first place, which way is south?”
Ka: “South is, let’s see… The sun is about to set on west, so…”
Mo: “That way, isn’t it?”
Ka: “This way, right?”
Ma: “(Geez, what are you two doing…) South is right this way, the building you’re looking for is on my front”
Mo: “Eh? That way?”
Ka: “I-I see. Nii-yan, sometimes you can be reliable~"
Mo: “Then, the personnel room is on that building. Thank God~ Now I can go back.”
Ma: “Do you want me to walk you to the personnel room?”
Mo: “Ah, I’ll be fine. If I know which building it is, I can go by myself. Thank you. If she know I’m guided by a student this late, I’m going to be scolded by Kitagawa-sensei.”
Ka: “Ahahaha”
Ma: “Hahaha”
Mo: “Well then, be careful on your way home. Good bye.”
Ka: “Good bye~ Momochan-sensei”
Ma: “Pardon us.”

Momoko then walks away.

“She’s a very pretty and cute Sensei, isn’t she?”
“She is.”
“Next time, I’ll ask her to play together.”
“That sounds a good idea. You both girl so she will be relaxed. Well, it’s about time for us to go home too, c’mon.”


One day, Maeda is walking at the hall, then he sees Momoko, seems getting troubled again.

“Ootani-sensei, what are you doing? Are you lost again?”
“Ah Maeda-kun. I-I’m not lost. I was told by Kitagawa-sensei to throw these trashes at the trash bin on the backyard. I know where the place is, it’s just… I don’t know how to get there.”
“(That’s the definition of ‘lost’)... Want me to do it for you?”
“No, it’s okay. I have to do the thing I can do by myself.”
“(I’m offering help because you seem can’t do it by yourself)... Then, let me walk you to the backyard.”
“Is it okay with you?”
“I’m not doing anything, anyway. Here, let me carry the trash.”
“It’s fine.”
“No, no, let me.”
“Then… Thank you. Fufu, as expected from boys, so reliable. At time like this, it’s nice to have boys.”
“Huh? Sensei…. Did you studied at the all-girl school?”
“Yes. From elementary school, all the way to high school.”
“Heee~ How about your college?”
“It’s mixed. At last it becomes normal, so I thought.”

At the locker, before goes outside, Maeda changes his shoes to outdoor shoes. But Momoko forget her so Maeda texts Kanon to ask to borrow hers. Kanon says ok so Maeda takes her shoes from Kanon's locker and lend it to Momoko.

“That Kanon, she really likes you, Sensei.”
“Does she? I like her very much too. She is so cute, wanting to be idol like that.”
“That’s what she always dream from we were a kids.”
“Having a dream is very important. As her older brother, make sure to give her your support, okay.”

They then continue to walk to the backyard, with Maeda explaining the location so Momoko can memorize it. And at last, they get to the backyard.

“There’s nobody here…”
“Well, this is backyard after all.”
“Seems like a great place to talk secret, isn’t it?”

After finish putting the trashes on the bin, Momoko asks for another favor.

“Maeda-kun, can you show me more locations? Like where students like to go, popular spot, or something like that?
“Hmm, okay.”


The first place Maeda shows is the park where Momoko got lost before.

“We have benches here. With the fountain on the center, this is a quite popular place for girls. And it’s okay to eat here, so many girls like to come here to eat.”
“… There are also couples who eat here together, right?”
“Well, maybe, I think…”
“How niii~ce. As expected from mixed school, so exciting.”
“… If you like this kind of place, then want to go to the rooftop? We also have bench there too and the view is quite nice too.”
“Ah, I wanna go, I wanna go.”

They then go to the rooftop.

“Wooow~ The sunset looks so beautiful from here. Ah, it’s fine to eat here too, isn’t it?”
“It is. I too, sometimes come here to eat bread.”
“I see~ So, like on the park, sometimes there are couples who eat here together, right?”
“Err.. Yeah, I think.”
“Haah… Mixed school is really exciting. I always went to all-girl school because of my parent's wish, so I was longing to be in a mixed school. Talking and eat lunch together with a boy at the school…. Fufufu, how lovey dovey~ And then, under the sunset, they confess their love and then kiss…”
“(How should I put it... Rather than a teacher... She sounds more like a student. Talking about those.)”

Momoko then says thanks to Maeda for giving her tour. It’s about time for her to go back to personnel room, she says thanks once again and go first.

“(I think…. This is my first time to be able to talk this well with a teacher. Kind and pretty… She really is a good teacher.)”

But then Momoko comes back. She seems troubled.

“Maeda-kun, sorry. But I’m confused… Is this north building’s rooftop? Or is it south building’s? I can’t tell the difference.”
“Hahaha. Sensei is really bad at telling direction. Let me walk you there.”

They then go to the personnel room together.


The other day, Maeda comes to the rooftop on a break. There, he sees two girls playing volleyball. It’s Sakura Mai and Momoko.

Maeda thinks it’s amazing for intern teacher that only teaches one class on third grade to be able to play with a first grade student. And after a while, Misaki Nonoka then comes and asks if she can play with them too. Maeda further amazed since now Momoko is popular with students from all grades.


One day, Maeda comes out of the class very tired. Momoko sees him and asks what’s going on. He explain he had a hard time studying, there will be middle test soon but he just about to sleep during the lesson because he’s tired.

“That’s bad. Want me to teach you? If you can concentrate, it will only takes 30 minutes. Just leave it to me, let’s go to the library”

They then go to the library to study. Maeda gets the material easily under Momoko’s teaching. And it’s about the time Momoko goes back to the personnel room.

“Ootani-sensei. Your teaching is very good, it’s very easy to understand.”
“Really? Thank you~ You make me confident. Well then, I have to go back to personnel room, continue your study, okay? Until next time, Maeda-kun”
“(Even though I thought she’s not look like one… But Ootani-sensei is really a teacher, after all)”

After Momoko goes from library, Muroto Aki comes to Maeda.

“Maeda-kun, you were taught by Ootani-sensei just now, weren’t you?”
“Ah, yeah.”
“It’s nice for us to be taught by such an amazing person like her.”

Aki then explains that Momoko is a genius, a rare 1 person that comes from 10 peoples type. Aki can tell because Momoko is her homeroom teacher, and that’s her teaching is easier to understand than any other teachers. Momoko also has amazing memory since she’s able to memorize all the students on 3-A in the first meeting. And on top of that, the university where Momoko is studied now is the top university, the hardest on Japan to get through.

“I wonder why such amazing person like her comes to our school. She can easily get into other schools who have higher level than ours for her intern. Now I feel like I don’t have confidence to try to get into that university if someone’s with her level is there.”


When he’s about to come home, on the way to the gate, Maeda sees Momoko and she agrees to walk home together. Maeda then asks Momoko to wander around together. Since Momoko also wants to buy an umbrella, even though it’s little bit weird for student and teacher to go together after school, they go to shopping mall. On the shopping mall, they come to see a variety shop.

There, Momoko goes excited when she sees there are so many Ahogeappi goods, a duck character which popular among girls. Maeda is little bit surprised a teacher like her is into cute stuff like that too.

“I wonder if there is Ahogeappi umbrella sold here... Hmmm, looks like there aren’t any.”
“Ootani-sensei, are you plan to use such umbrella?”
“Is it weird?”
“It’s... not really weird, it just I never see a teacher using one.”

Momoko continues to look for umbrella, and they now at the party corner.

“Maeda-kun, are your family often make a party? Like for Christmas or birthday?”
“Well, my sister really likes one, so yeah we did it a lot. She often sing and dance an original birthday song.”
“Fufufu, Kanon-chan is sure cute~... Ah, look look Maeda-kun, there are cosplay goods here too.”

Momoko then grabs a nekomimi and wear it.

“Hey look, nekomimi~”
“(Uooo! Shutter chance!)”
“Ah, you’re going to take my picture? Nyao~~~n!”
“Haha, it really suits you.”
“Fufu, thank you.”

They then continue to look for an umbrella.


One afternoon, Maeda doesn’t have anything to do, he decides to go to the rooftop to take some pictures. On the way there, Momoko stops him by the stair.

“Huh, Sensei? What is it?”
“Shuuuush, shuuuuu~sh!! You can’t go to the rooftop now.”
“Right now, there are couples who talking in private embarrassedly. It’s like they are doing confession. We should give them some space. Let’s go down.”
“Haaah, I’m so surprised.”
“The one surprised should be me.”
“I wonder what are they talking about right now. Is it something like, “I like you!”, fufu. How niiice… Hey hey Maeda-kun, who do you think is making the move? Is the boy confessed first? Or the girl?”
“I-I don’t know…”
“Whoever it is, it really is nice. Going to the stairway, and then confess. Will they hug tightly, and then... Kiss, I wonder?”
“I-I don’t know…”
“Haaaa~ This feels like on the drama or the shoujo manga. How nice it is on mixed school.”
“Ootani-sensei…. You sure like this kind of lovestory, don’t you?”
“You noticed? I really love it! Because since elementary school, there’s only girls around me, so I never get the chance to meet a boy I like, you know? Being confessed, hugged, holding hand, and go on a date… That’s really feels like what high school supposed to be. Maeda-kun should feel the same way, right?”
“Well I do, but…”
“Heee? What with that attitude. You should be more assertive. If you’re not, your high school days will be over in blink of an eye. Do your best to fall in love.”
“S-sure (… Why are we talking about me now?)”
“Haa~aaah, I wish I could feel what it's like to fall in love in high school too.”
“Okay then, I should go back to personnel room. Until next time, Maeda-kun.”
“Okay. (She sure doesn’t look like a teacher at all…. But somehow, it really suits her)”


After school, Maeda meets Momoko at the gate again, so he asks her to go home together. This time, Maeda invites Momoko to drink coffee at a café. Momoko hasn't been to the mentioned café so she agrees.

Mo: “Waaa~ Just like you said, this café is really nice. I didn’t know there is café like this before.”
Ma: “Maybe this is built when you went to college?”
Mo: “Ah maybe that’s true.”
Wa: “Pardon me. What is your order, sir and ma'am?”
Mo: “Ah excuse me. When is this café built?”
Wa: “It’s about 2 years ago, ma’am.”
Mo: “Ah you’re right. It was when I went to college.”
Ma: “Yeah.”
Mo: “Well that’s obvious, isn’t it. The time I go to other town, this town has changed.”
Wa: “……”
Ma: “Sensei, she is waiting for your order.”
Mo: “Ah, I-I’m sorry. Err~ For me…. I’ll take ice café latte, please.”
Ma: “For me… Ice coffee, please.”
Wa: “Okay. One ice café latte and one ice coffee. Please wait for your order.”
Mo: “Fufufu. It’s about 4 years now since I went to the college, of course the town has changed. Time sure goes fast. What about you, Maeda-kun? Are you going to college?”
Ma: “I’m not really sure…. But yeah, I think I am.”
Mo: “Then, you should study more properly from now on, okay. If you’re wasting your time, the college exam will start soon before you realized it.”
Ma: “Understoo~d…”
Mo: “Then, bring out your text book and your note.”
Ma: “Eeh? Right now? We’re supposed to relax here, aren’t we?”
Mo: “Geez, I just told you, didn’t I? If you’re wasting your time, college exams will right in front of your eyes without you realize it. Hurry up.”
Ma: “Fiiine. But first, let me take your picture.”
Mo: “Geez, can’t be helped…”
Ma: “C’mon, smile smile.”
Ma: “Hmm, you’re right. This is my first time here too, so might as well take a memorial picture. Fufu.”


Next morning, Maeda wakes up very late so he runs to make it in time. But since the school is too far, he stops running half way because he gets tired. Then someone rings a bell from her bicycle. It’s Momoko.

“Good morning, Maeda-kun.”
“Ah…. Ootani-sensei… Haah haah…. Good…. Morning.”
“I don’t think you can make it in time by running at this time.”
“Yeah. Haah, haah. I’m just about to give up.”
“Give up? But if Muroto-san knows you're late, you’ll get scolded~”
“Haha… Let that happen, then.”
“Don’t be like that. She is very strict, she’ll say that late is unforgiveable in society, and even you're still in the school, you’ll be punished because you’re against the rule... So, want me to help you?”
“Help me?”
“Let’s ride the bike together.”
“Haa!? Together!? That’s against the rule too, you know? Riding a bike with a teacher, and beside we still have to be fast by this time. It’s dangerous.”
“Don’t be too tight. There are no cars around riverside here anyway, and since this isn’t main road there’s no police too, so it’s fine.”
“… I wonder.”
“But, you’re the one paddling, okay?”
“... Sure… Hang on tight.”
“Eh, folding your hand around me?”
“C’mon, it’s fine. I always wanted to do it once. Let me feel what normal high school student like.”
“I’m ready here.”
“Okay, I’m going to start paddling.”
“Ready, goooo---!!!”


“Wooow, you’re awesome. So faaaa~st!”
“S-so heavy…”
“How rude~!! I’m not that heavy! I’m still lighter than average body weight.”
“Compared… to Kanon…. You’re heavier…”
“Ahaha, that’s impossible then. Comparing me to future idol is against the rule.”
“I think we can make it in time if we continue like this.”
“I’m helped.”
“Me too, you’re doing me favor. It’s just like my dream~ Hugging a boy tightly and ride bike together has always been my dream and with your help I can feel what it's like... Fufu, the wind feels good too~”
“Ootani-sensei, can I ask you one question?”
“Sure, what is it?”
“Sensei, why are you coming to our school? If it’s the university you studied, you could get in better school, couldn’t you?”
“Ah… I see… So you’ve heard about my university from someone.”
“Ah yeah, just a little bit.”
“It’s fine. It’s not like I’m trying to hide it, I just don’t feel like telling it.”
“It’s not like anything good comes if I tell it. It will be like I’m bragging and people will talk behind my back. How about you, Maeda-kun?”
“I don’t feel that way… I honestly thought you’re amazing, and I won’t talk about you behind your back.”
“Really? You’re a good person, Maeda-kun”
“… Then, why did you come to our school?”
“Ah, yeah, I haven’t answered your question yet. It’s because when I was on high school, I’m very interested on Kouga High.”
“The uniform is cute, and it seems like it gives warm feeling, there are also many club activities so it doesn’t feel like what students do is only studying and studying. It was different from my high school. I feel a little jealous of the couples from Kouga High who walk side by side at this road back then. That’s why, when I get the chance to become intern teacher on Kouga High, I took it.”
“Do you have someone…. Like that on your college now? A guy to walk side by side with.”
“On the college? No way, no way. All of the boys there are too focused to their study. They all have high pride. Not really my type at all.”
“… I see.”
“For me, a normal boy like Maeda-kun is definitely the best and suit my type!”
“Huh? Ah, Aaaaa~aaaah, what am I talking about. Sorry, just forget about it.”
“Even if you ask me to forget…”
“Then don’t talk about this anymore, please change the topic.”
“Haa~h… Now even one of my dreams came true, but I feel so embarrassed. I don’t feel like I can be decent teacher.”
“Well, I always think you don’t look like one.”
“Aaah, how rude. Maeda-kun, then, I won’t help teach you anymore.”
“Ootani-sensei, are you serious that your dreams are to attend mixed school?”
“Yes. Normally attend mixed school, and then normally falling in love. Those were my dreams when I was high school student. And now… By teaching at Kouga High, those dreams are coming back to me.”
“(Coming back… huh. So that’s why she happily smiles because riding bike together with a boy like this means one of her dreams are fulfilled. It sure nice… If I'm able to see her smile like this again.)”

Without realizing, they almost reach school, but…


Mo: “Hyaa!”
Ma: “Uwa!!”

The strict stuco president, Aki, is standing in the front of school gate. She recites the school rule no other students probably remember about riding a bike together.

Aki: “Ootani-sensei! Geez, what were you thinking, riding a bike together here with him!”
Mo: “B-but, we were riding on the riverside, not the main road, so it should be saf—“
Aki: “Didn’t you hear my question? I’m talking about it’s forbidden for a teacher and student to ride a bike together here to school.”
Mo: “I…. I’m sorry.”
Aki: “You’re the same, Maeda-kun! And also, what were you thinking, pedaling that fast?”
Ma: “I’m sorry.”
Mo: “Geez Maeda-kun, why didn’t you stop in front of the school area?”
Ma: “What were you talking about, Sensei was the one telling me it’s fine to dash in the riverside.”
Mo: “I’m sorry…”
Ma: “I’m sorry…”

The school bell then rings.

Mo: “Ah the bell is ringing. Hurry, hurry, we’re going to be late!”
Ma: “You’re right, Sensei. We have to hurry.”
Aki: “I haven’t finished talking to both of you!!!”
Mo: “But I can’t be late for my homeroom. I’m a teacher, after all.”
Aki: “Uuuh… Geez… If you can promise you won’t repeat this again, I’ll let you go.”
Mo: “We won’t! I swear!”
Ma: “Me too!”
Aki: “Then, you can go…”
Mo: “Haah, it’s like Muroto-san is the teacher and I’m the student.”
Ma: “Hahaha.”


At the afternoon, Maeda thought about what happened that morning.

“(Ootani-sensei… Is so kind and pretty. She sure is a good teacher. I have to tell him... My feeling)”

When he gets out of the class, he sees Momoko.

“Ah, Ootani-sensei! Just perfect, I was about to find you. Please come with me, c’mon”
“O-okay… But, w-wait, you don’t have to pull me!”

Maeda then brings Momoko to the backyard, he then makes sure no one is around.

“W-w-w-why did you suddenly bring me to this place, Maeda-kun?”
“Did you remember what we were talking when we rode bike together?”
“Eh? Y-yeah, most of it.”
“You told me you have many dreams to attend mixed school or falling in love normally with a boy on high school, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, I did. Those were my irreplaceable dreams. Even now…”
“… Then, do you want to make more of those happen?”
“Err… If you want to. On the time when we’re alone… You can… Play lover with me so you can feel how it is to be a couple in high school. H-how that sounds?”
“Ah… That means... A fake love relationship?”
“Yeah. Not as a teacher, but as a student to be my partner. Just when we rode bike together, one by one, we can realize your dreams.”
“Maeda-kun….. Thank you. You really think about helping me so sincerely…. You really are a good person….. Can I really……. Depending on you?”
“If you’re fine with someone like me.”
“Don’t say ‘someone like me’… I told you before, didn’t I? For me, a guy like Maeda-kun is the best. Fufufu, it really is my dream to go together to school with a boy... Going home together... And fall in love. Can I really…. Be in fake love relationship with you?”
“Of course!”
“Thank you. I never thought I’ll be able to feel what it’s like to be student once more. I’m so happy…”
“Seeing Ootani-sensei happy, I feel happy too.”
“Ah, that call is not good!”
“From now on, when there’s no one around, you have to call me 'Momoko'.”
“It’s obvious, isn’t it? You’re my boyfriend, after all.”
“U, uuuh… That might be hard.”
“And for me, I’ll call you 'Dattsun', okay.”
“That call, did you hear it from Nonoka?”
“Yeah. 'Dattsun' from darts, right? Take me with you to play one in the future too, okay?”
“Then, let’s practice calling me by my name. C’mon, Mo-mo-ko.”
“Mo… Mo…”
“Can’t hear you~~”
“Ah, geez!! Mo-Momoko!!”
“Yeah, what is it? Dattsun?”
“Uh… Err… From now on… I’m in your care.”
“Me too, I’m in your care. Fufufu, it becomes more exciting to come to school from now on. Let’s trade our mail address and phone number too.”
“Eh? I-is it fine?”
“Of course! Isn’t it rather weird if two persons in relationship don’t have each other’s number?”
“Fufu, now we can talk to each other anytime. Well then, until next time, Dattsun. Please take care of me from now on.”
“Ah… Y-yeah… Err… Momo… Ko.”
“Fufu, how excitiii~ng.”


Aaaand, I'm going to stop here. Remember that I said her route feels more special than the others? Yes, because their fake love relationship, they already become a couple half-through the game, so we can enjoy the lovey-dovey moments more than other heroines. And this is only about 1/3 of the complete summary.

Where is the rest of the summary then, you ask? Read it on my blog XP

By the way, both Momoko and Aya Endo (her VA on the original game) already confirmed on the cast list of the anime, so even though at this point I don't know if her route will be adapted into anime, but at least she is going to appear nonetheless :3

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