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There is this shop that sells miniature of local Indonesian foods including popular brand snacks and drinks, and non-food miniatures too close to where I used to live in boarding house. The shop's name is Little Things, they used to have a website but last time I checked it's already down. They hand-made the miniatures using clay, IIRC. On this entry I'd like to share some pictures I took using some of items I bought, hope you guys can enjoy it ^^

PS: All branded products here are property of their respective owners, I don't use it for advertising or any other commercial purpose, and of course I don't claim right to it.


The first item is not really a Indonesia exclusive food since it's known in many countries, fried rice!

The details are great, though my picture doesn't really do it justice. The plate is too big so it's kinda weird, but overall still an awesome miniature.


Speaking of fried rice, of course I have to use Wild Tiger and Barnaby!

Here, Koutetsu-san is cooking his Bunny-chan fried rice for dinner. Too bad the apron from Figma Yuu Kawamura can't be put perfectly on Tiger, the tiger paw motif really matches him. And of course, Origami Cyclone also there doing thing he's the best at, which is photobombing XP


The next food is tumpeng. Indonesian's dish, originating from Java, but everyone from other area on Indonesia familiar with this dish. The rice is formed cone-shaped like a mountain with side dishes, varied from vegetables and meats, circling it, placed on rounded bamboo plate covered by banana leaf. The dish is used for ceremonial and celebration, like the success of an project, event, birthday, etc.

On the last day of AFAID 2012 last year, I remember Danny and his crew on his booth also eat Tumpeng to celebrate the success of the event ^^


The Nendoroids are about to eat Tumpeng, cooked by Yune :3


Next one is the miniature of one of Indonesia's famous chocolate snack, Beng-beng, chocolate bar snack which made from chocolate, caramel, wafer, and rice crispy.

And I know Danny really like this as I've seen he posted some pictures on his Facebook page XD


Drossel, you can't eat this.... Or eat anything, for that matters...


Next is also another popular brand from Indonesia, the instant noodle Indomie!

Shame the orange one is still have the file's name printed there D:
The plate of this one is made from glass, by the way.


Churuya-san's eating In...... I mean, Nendomie! XD


The last one is not really a food, but a booth diorama, to be exact "Warung Nasi" diorama.

"Warung nasi" literally means "rice warung" in English. I don't think there's English word for 'warung'. 'Warung' is a small, casual, street-level business in Indonesia. There are many varieties of "warung", often it's a convenience store selling snacks, drinks, or other daily necessities products or providing some services, but there are also many "warung" serving as restaurant. The item I bought today is the latter. Just the name suggested, "rice warung" provides you with many, many traditional side dish you can choose by yourself for your meal with rice as the main dish. Since rice is Indonesian's primary food, there are lots of "rice warung" you can find anywhere in any cities of Indonesia.





If you're interested, there's many close-up pictures to show the foods on this set you can see on my blog.

And now, here are more pictures of my figures hanging out on this warung. Started from Nendoroid! Yune becomes the shop keeper XD


The Ultraman wants to have fun too!

Dyna's telling Tiga to wear apron (you are so weird, Dyna XP), Max and Zero are having cola party and they seems drunk, Gaia is seeing woman's picture on the calendar, and Agul is reading gossip magazine XP


After school warung time!!

Azunyan is guarding her Beng-beng from hungry Yui, Mugi is amazed by the middle-class foods, and Ritsu is having hard time with drunken-from-cola Mio XDD


The heroes from SHFiguarts line hanging out after fighting bad guys.

Akiba Blue becomes the shop keeper, Ichigo is reading youngster's magazine to understand young mind, Amazon becomes stray... animal(?!) and Ryuutaros is feeding him. Gokai Red is eating curry while the lovey-dovey couple Fourze and Nadeshiko flirting and kissing. Geez, kids these days XP


And the last set is mixed-line :3




That's all for today, hope you enjoy it. If you want to see more of the warung set, just go to my blog. The link is up there, but just in case you miss it, here it is once more:

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Just a dude who like both Japanese and western pop cultures like tokusatsu, anime, manga, light novel, comic, tv series, and of course collecting (and taking picture of) action figures.
Indonesia · Graduate student · http://bakanki.blogspot.com