Tokyo Cityscapes

Sun 2013/03/31 05:09 JST

the mandatory 1 picture minimum ^^;

I love hit how Donki always features ads for Sega's Yakuza game. And if you've ever been to Kabuchiko, it really feels like you are inside the game.

It was always my dream to visit Tokyo, last year I finally visited for the first time. I love nightphotography and cityscapes, Tokyo happens to be a fantastic location for both.

goodmorning tokyo! (taken from my hotelroom)

streets/rooftops of kabukicho


Nightview from the Tokyo Metropolitan Tower:

Nightview from Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills - IMHO the best place to see tokyo at night:

No Sakura - last year I was just a few days too early, I'm flying to Tokyo again next week but this year it appears to be I'm too late T_T