For the Love of Nendoroid & Figma Photo Report

Tue 2009/12/08 00:45 JST
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For the Love of Nendoroid & Figma mini gathering was end up quite success.
I was expecting less than 5 people who came to this gathering, but it turn out more of them were came to the event :D

This gathering was take place at food court only. So I was expecting for the next one, we could moving to some various place to do the photo shoots :)

Other pictures can be found at Nekoroid


My equippment


You know, this photo probably the most suffering one I ever got.
This is my lunch, I decided to put my Nendoroid and Figma on front of it and taking the pic, but soon enough more Nendoroid and Figma was displayed, and it makes me holding my growling stomach for a little longer.
And when I'm about to eat my lunch, another person was coming, they telling me to wait and again displaying their collection, including the zombie creature at the rear ^^;


Just as promised, Varutieru did came with his Figma Army :D


"Stop right here, punk!"

This is Varutieru's Kagamiku


Imoko: "Eeeek! Alien has a done weird thing to Miku...!!!"

This is my Nendoroid actually (along with Keroro Robo)


There's something wrong with my Nendoroid.... ^^;


Raep attempt XD


The participants of this gathering. Guess, which one is me?


Bought this Vocaloid Doujin Music

Other pictures can be found at Nekoroid

I would like to say thank you to all of you who came to this gathering. I hope we can do this again, and more fun to have :)

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the Land of Twilight, Under the Moon · Self Employee NEET ·