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Here are a few of my recent commissions ^_^

This is Mika Chan. I really had fun drawing her I must confess that illustrating a "yandere" (a character that has violent mood swings almost like dual personalities) was a little tricky ^_^"
As always thank you so much for the commission! ^^

Another recent commission. I really had fun with this one! The client had a really interesting concept. So basically in this world people can perform magic spells but the catch is they can only perform it through some common activity (which I called catalyst..b/c catalyst sounds cool >_>" I think the client liked that XD)! So Mateo's catalysts are cooking and painting. It was a lot of fun to figure out how to illustrate magic spells through cooking and painting. Here Mateo is casting a psychokinetic spell (fire) using his paint brush. And with cooking he is performing necromancy. Mateo's ultimate ability is a transformation into a fierce dragon.
But yea I loved this commission it was a truly unique concept. would love to do more characters from this world maybe a musician or a mathematician that would be fun! ^_^

Commissioned by the same client as above.One of my recent commissions! ^_^
This commission was really challenging because the client requested a more western style for this particular character (I am more familiar with anime ^_^"). But that's what I love about drawing for others, is that it takes you outside your comfort zone and makes you try new things which makes you improve. I really enjoyed drawing Cyriel and his mystical familiar in the form of a six legged (whom I informally named "Lapus"...dont ask. >_>")

A commission I received at amazement convention in Raleigh North Carolina . These are two OCs (Original Characters) Ktsu and Neko. I must say they were a lot of fun to draw.

As always thank you for commissions I really appreciate them. I love the chance to bring someones vision to life through illustration. If any are interested in a commission please read my terms and services
I am currently getting stuff ready for a local anime convention and handling one commission as well as a secret project ^_^

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