1/6 scale Alodia Gosiengfiao Figure

Fri 2014/04/04 11:22 JST
Intermediate level builder of everything from electronics, to plastic kits, to programming and, of course, am an anime fan.
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Inspired by Danny's Mirai Smart Doll, I got interested in making my own figure. And I've always wanted one of Alodia in her gamer girl outfit. So, early last December, I decided to pour my Christmas money into building one.


I have no talent at manual sculpting and wanted the figure to be built right and proper so I commissioned this as a special project with Ms. Cyndi Safstrom in the US. (http://www.be-a-doll.com/) She did an excellent job with the headsculpt. She sculpted everything by eye and was a pleasure to work with.

She also custom built the clothing for this figure. Everything turned out really nicely and accurately. I recommend her if you want somebody miniaturized for your display cases.


Also would like to send a special thank you to Jimsha of AGCPictures (http://agcpictures.wordpress.com/) for the photography tips and helping me mess with the lighting and settings. These photos were taken with my trusty ~5 yr. old Sony point and click. This is my first semi-proper shoot so it took a few weeks to get everything right.

This is also my first 1/6 scale female figure using a seamless body, about 1 ft. high with 33 points of articulation. No robotics here, yet. I think 1/6 scale is too small for that. Also liked to use rooted instead of the usual sculpted hair to complement the organic feel of the seamless body. While the rooted hair follows gravity better, it takes a while to style properly and tends to pick up dust.


Digital modelling is more along my vocation. PlayStation(-ish) controller was 3D printed and finished by me. Just an entry-level ABS 3D printer though. Not a fancy resin one like Danny's.

Need some more practice posing the figure to match Alodia's original shoot poses. I'm still afraid of breaking some internal joint. While the body itself is stock and I can swap it with a new one, seamless bodies are not available locally so it's really expensive to replace. ^^;

Omake: Another head and set of clothing based on Alodia's upcoming movie, The Right Side Up. (www.facebook.com/TheRightSideUp) I also wanted to have a figure of her in a less serious expression and in a more current outfit so I had one made as well.


Her headsculpt, main outfit, and scarf were also made by Ms. Cyndi. The stocking and boots were made in Japan by Azone. The whole kit is equipped on a second seamless body purchased from a friend in Japan originally intended to be a practice/backup unit.

I think I'm more attached to this TSRU set than the gamer girl set. It was difficult to capture Alodia's smile but I think it was done really well. =)


With both sets of heads and clothing, this figure took about 7-8 weeks to plan and build and another week to arrive. Also had to get a second seamless body for the TRSU figure from Japan plus a few accessories from Hong Kong and that took a couple weeks as well. The whole project was finished around the first week of March but had to improvise a few photoshoot materials.

Even with Jimsha's advice and the makeshift studio, the camera and lack of posing/styling skill don't do these figures justice. Will have to find time to do a proper photoshoot one day with a friend who has a DSLR and knows how to properly pose figures. Until then, back on the shelf she goes.

Thank you for viewing!

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Intermediate level builder of everything from electronics, to plastic kits, to programming and, of course, am an anime fan.
a starbase somewhere · Operations at the Kiith Shipyards