[FS] Pre-Fanime Figure Sale

Wed 2014/05/07 05:58 JST
im a huge clamp fan. also have a large collection of nendos

Hey everyone. This is my annual prefanime sale. all this stuff i will be selling at fanime. i try and sell as much stuff as i can before hand so i will have less to bring. i ship from CA so send me your zipcode and i will give you a quote.

if you are gonna be there you can do local pick up. or if you live in the SF area you can do pick up before the con
If you are interested in anything send me an email hiro4san@gmail.com

i also have a full set of lone wolf and cub manga



Yune Petite $15 Sealed
CC $20 Sealed
Kagura $25
Kenshin Pink Revoltech $20 sealed
KenshinBlue Revoltech $20 sealed
Mari $25
Saber $45 sealed
Suzuka $30 Sealed
Tomoyo $40


Konomi $25
Shion/Mion Megahouse $40
Rin $35
Asuka $70
Angel Beats set (shiina missing) $15
Chu x Chu $140 was sealed (just checked for damage)
Shion $15
Mio Maid $12


Silfa Bard $30
Nadeko $20
Yayoi EB $25 (some paint transfer)
Louise Alter $70 sealed
Kagami Figma $25
Kureha Koto $40
Nodoka Figma $20
Fate GSC $40


Nagato Nyantype $55 box damaged
Ui Alter $50
Komaki Bishop $65
Ranka & Sheryl $25 sealed
Kris Koto $60 sealed
Sena $35 box damaged


Cure Blossom Chibi Arts $12 no box
Cure Marine Chibi Arts $12 no box
Accel World Niitengos $5 each


K-on Nendos $15 each boxless
Ghibli Plushes $5 each


Asuna Plush $15
Kero $15
Hello Kitty Plush $25 each
Reimu Key Chain $8 no box
Haruhi Key Chain $8 no box
Nanoha Key Chain $8 no box
Petits $8 each

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im a huge clamp fan. also have a large collection of nendos