Cosplaying for the first time... @.@;

Thu 2014/06/26 09:14 JST
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Hey guys. It's been a while since my last post. I've been busy. x.x; If I'm not going to school.. I'm studying Japanese.. if I'm not doing that.. I'm practicing on my drums.. or I'm working out for my first cosplay. :D School's out for the summer so here I am.

I've been thinking about debuting it @ AX since SDCC is after that, but I've also been having some second thoughts about that. Or maybe not. There was this one classmate that did nothing but talk mad smack on how ridiculous she thought it was that people take American comic book characters to anime conventions. @.@; It took a lot for me to not ask her if she knew how many AoT/Evengelion/Steins;Gate/everything else cosplayers were at SDCC. lol

I didn't go to anything last year due to a bad experience I had at AX 2012. I went through some low funks here and there. Saber is still taken apart and stored in her drawer.. but! It didn't take long to pull myself out of this nasty abyss. So it's only a matter of time before my room is back to its old otaku self. O:

Anyways! After watching The Dark Knight Rises, I fell in love with how Bane was presented. The more times I watched it the more I thought, "Hey! I'm bald too! I wonder what I could look like with that mask..." Next thing you know.. I made the decision to cosplay as Bane from that movie! :D You don't want to know how much time I've sunk into the costume. @.@; I want to get as close as I can get to screen accuracy as possible. O: So.. I've also started to lose weight and bulk up. Yeah. Getting in shape for a cosplay. rofl

Here's some pics I've taken over the past couple of months.


The mask. O: I really love how it came out. All I did was BARELY gave it a spray with the left over black matte spray paint I had to make it look a bit more grungy. Though tbh you can't really see it unless you take a super close gander at it.


Got the pants! Easiest find ever. Just had to mess with the knee pads...


Light coats of some matte paint. :D


Huzzah! O: End result!


Custom boots! I really love the color and design.. it took some time to scuff it up and make the suede look "worn" @.@;


The leather straps looked too.. "new" rofl So.. I took a wire brush to one of them and O:


I replaced the straps with real pistol belts. Bought some velcro to attach some bits here and there.


The vest! :D It's undone still. I love the people that made it for me but I had to make a ton of small, subtle, mods to better fit me since I lost a few lbs after sending the original measurements. ^^;


What the back looks like.


The hooks I bought to attach to the back of the kidney belt.



Kidney belt! :D

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Love anime, gaming, Photoshop, dollfies.. playing drums to anime/game music! :D
California, United States · Student ·