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Tue 2015/06/16 21:51 JST
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Tokyo Metropolis · CEO Mirai Inc ·

Smart Doll now ships 5 - 10 business days after your order.


Hey All!
I just wanted to let you know that we reached 2 milestones.

1. It's been a year since we launched Smart Doll.
2. We have managed to increase capacity and bring down shipping times to only 5 - 10 days after you place your order for either Mirai or Kizuna which you can do at

Folks who are worried about customer service can rest assured that I make sure that expectations must be set at all moments in time in regards to quality of product and expected shipping times. We try to deal with email within 24 hours of receipt and in some cases I've spent time with customers on the phone or video chat on skype to remedy problems.


We can refund customers in full as long as they contact us anytime before the item has been shipped. Customers are not penalized for cancelling either which I've seen other companies do...
If customers decide to cancel after the product has shipped then they need to cover the costs of the item to be sent back to us and do so within 14 days.
If the item is in the same condition as it was when we shipped it then we will refund customers in full.

Why are we proactive in refunds? Because Mirai and Kizuna are lovely girls who need care - frankly we don't want them in the hands of folks who are not going to care about them ^^
So far we have had zero returns but if we eventually do then they will be used as display models and not refurbished and re-sold.


Smart Doll was designed to be sturdy and won't break in normal conditions. Limbs can however break under extreme conditions (falling on the knee on concrete etc). If this happens, we ask customers to contact us with a photo of the injury to asses if they can remedy the problem themselves - if not we will replace the part for free but customers pay for the shipping which is usually cheap because parts can be sent in an EMS envelope - the fee is the lowest price on the EMS tier.

This warranty lasts for 1 year or up to 2 limb injuries - whichever comes first. If customers break something after a year (or break a third limb) then we would generally replace the part anyway as we don't want to see our girls go around with injuries but are not obligated to do so. The warranty only covers limbs and not the torso, bust or head as they do not contain moving parts. The warranty also does not cover stains on the surface of the skin from dark clothing being left on for prolonged periods.

This warranty also covers Smart Dolls purchased from our official retailers and even ones from the second hand market.

No other hobby manufacturer offers a years warranty on a poseable doll due to the support costs involved but if Apple can offer a years warranty on an iPhone that costs around the same price then why should I not be able to offer the same?


I have quite a few piers in the hobby business in Japan and hear about some of their nightmares of "difficult" customers who purposely break products and contact customer support for hours on end - presumably because they are ronery and got nobody to talk to.
Being a startup, we can't afford to dedicate time to customers like this and if we do encounter any, we would refund the customer in full and ask that the product be returned in any state that its in to cut our losses.


I posted a deeper look into the Smart Doll production process at DC - if you are also interested in working in the doll business then we will have openings soon - just take a lookie at the post.


The rest of these photos are taken from the above mentioned post which has more nitty gritty about each image.


Oh, and here are a few videos of late.

How to make Mirai frame - if you can do so in 1 hour then you qualify to work for us.

Unboxing - what you can expect when your Smart Doll arrives.

Corporate video showing what we do at Culture Japan.






Rejected parts ><























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Some blurb here. moo. break. meow.
Tokyo Metropolis · CEO Mirai Inc ·