Mirai arrives at the airport!

Wed 2015/07/15 00:28 JST
Just being herself ^_^
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Here is the story of the arrival of my Smart Doll Mirai ! I love her so much ! I was so excited and really wanted to take pictures of her ...even if my wrist is broken O_O


M: Well , it looks like I arrived to my final destination ! That was a long trip ...


M: Won't need that anymore ....


M: I'll check my Smart phone to make sure there was no problem for them to come to pick me up at the airport ..


M: No new message ...someone should be here soon ! Great ! I'll send a text to daddy to tell him I arrived safely .


M: Just have to wait now.


M: I wonder which girl will come to pick me up ? Lady Salica told me not to worry ,but I learned all her girls and boys' names so I would recognize them .


M: While I'm waiting I will add this sticker on my suitcase , finally made it to Canada!


M: I've been to many places already ...


M: OH !!! I see Maria ! MARIA ,I'M HERE !!!!!


Maria: Welcome to Canada Mirai ! Ready to go home ? I don't want to miss diner .


M: Why do you have a gun ? I heard Canada is pretty safe .
Maria: It is an old habit of mine ,sorry ,I didn't want to scare you .


M: Are you hungry ? I have some crackers here ...
Maria : That would be great ! Thanks ! I've been up for the last 48 hours ,I need energy , I will eat them in the car.


M:Here you go !
Maria : Thanks , you are such a sweet girl ! Sakuno will love you ! She is a really kind person too ....most of the time :)


M: The hardest is to close my suitcase ..it is so full of clothes.
Maria: Do you want a hand ?
M: No, just got it ,thanks !


Maria : Now that you are ready , let's go home !!!
M: I can't wait to meet everyone ! I love babies too ,so I can't wait to see Aiko !


M: Thank you daddy for sending me to Ottawa !! I'm sure I will make a lot of friends here !

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Just being herself ^_^
Canada · artist