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Sun 2015/08/09 16:13 JST
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I've been fortunate enough to be able order this 1/7 scale figure of Anko and Dera from Tamako Market by Alter and released exclusively by Hobby Stock. A friend of mine managed to snag one from Nippon-Yasan right before it was marked sold out and I did practically the same a day later from Big In Japan. Hobby Stock exclusives can be rather hard to come by for a collector that is not based in Japan, so I am just glad that I managed to snag this pair of cuties in the end.


This figure of Anko with Dera, in terms of quality, is probably on the high end even for typical Alter's standards. Details are pretty much nearly perfect, saved for the usual seam in the hair piece but it is not too terribly distracting.


As this was the first time I ordered from Big in Japan, the usual packing picture is included. They did more than the minimal, even used bubblewrap around the main box with sufficient paper padding space between the boxes which is good.

The box for the figure itself is done in the usual Alter style: a clear plastic case to allow a clear view into the items inside. I thought keeping Anko and Dera suspended in the middle with the backpack in the upright position was quite a nice touch in terms of initial presentation, if it were to be displayed in a store.


Speaking of items, this one came with many! This includes the school backpack, recorder inside its bag, pencil case, the fossil she received as a gift, and three textbooks/workbooks and a notebook.


The backpack does open up, the cover actually has two pieces for each state, and the closed version has an weekly agenda even though it typically cannot be seen. When opened, the unremovable "Everyone's Home Economics" textbook is revealed. The dedication to details and quality are throughout this figure.

Incidentally, on the product description sheet that included with this figure described this piece as ランドセル. I had to look this up as it did not sound like a word I know. It turns it was originally "ransel" which is a Dutch word for backpack. That said, I am not sure how the "ド" (do/d) sound crept into the katagana there...


While Anko's long flowing hair from the back looks somewhat plain, the sculpt is practically flawless, saved for the unavoidable seams; the edges of her hairpiece have almost none of the jaggedness that may be found on figure by other premium figures.


Both of them just look simply adorable together. One detail that you might find lacking might be her fingers. The fingernails are properly there, just not quite visible under this angle of lighting and image size.

Another word about quality, this time about the base: it is made out of a material that is quite soft, feels almost like squishy rubber as the middle part can be pushed down, yet is strong enough to sustain both Anko and Dera without appearing depressed. Must be quite comfortable for her, much better than sitting on a hard surface. It is also shaped like an egg (well, an oval). I am quite happy about the recent trend of figures that came with a complimentary unique base piece.


A couple more close up shots. Dera's body looks to be a single piece, the complete lack of seams make him look more like the bloated overweight mochi loving bird that he is. Otherwise details look plain, but it keeps up with the simple yet flawless feel that this piece gives off.


Finally, a close up of this adorable dual. They both just look so adorable.

Dera bids you farewell, thanks for watching!

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A part time figure collector/forum lurker that disappears time to time due to busy stuff happening.
Auckland, New Zealand · Programmer