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Mon 2015/09/28 06:04 JST
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Here are the news from our family situation ;)


Me: Good afternoon , Roberta told me you wanted to talk to me ?
Little girl : Good afternoon Lady Salica , I am Dr Sabine Einstein and I am really happy to meet you . I am from Berlin University ...I was recruited at age 9 because of my ...special abilities . Me and Sofia had to move out of the country because a lot of other countries wanted my invention ....I was hoping you could give us a safe house ...


Sakuno : I'm here ! Sorry , I had to change Aiko . What is the problem ? Oh , we have a visitor ?? Hello ...


Me: Hello my dear . Yes we have a visitor , Miss Einstein here is asking for a refuge with a friend .
Miss E. : You can call me doctor ...
Me : I think I am going to call you Sabine if you don't mind .
Miss E. : As you please ...


Roberta : Yes , she is telling the truth . There are many articles about her and her invention ...even the University of Berlin have her in their archives .


S: Are we going to be alright ? I don't want to refuse a home to anyone but it is starting to be ...busy ..
Me : That is why I wanted you , Eloise and Roberta to be here . We are going to take this decision together . I asked for Kristen too , but she is out for a date with Marko .
Aiko : Arrrr,


Sabine : We will sleep anywhere . I can help you with some renovations too if you want . I have money . We just want a place which is secure and might one day feel like a home to us . Sofia don't need much . She is an automat . She doesn't eat , doesn't sleep ..she can be stored anywhere . I can pay a rent too if it would help .
Me: She is an automat ?? And you created her ?
Sabine : Yes ! I will go get her !


Eloise : Well , I suppose if it is only Miss Einstein that need a bed , we could install a futon in the little ones bedroom ...


Eloise : Think about it mommy , an Automat !! It is so exciting !!
Me: It is is ...we'll wait to see her . I am a little bit worried about the safety of all our family with this Automat around ..


''While we were talking , an Automat was in our backyard ''


Kita : Mommy told you to keep an eye on her ? She doesn't look dangerous ..
Maria: Did you see her eyes ! I don't trust her !


Sofia : Presence detected !


K: Oh my .. I'm sure she saw us !
M: Did you see her eyes ?? I told you ...something is wrong with her !


''Back in the living room ''
Miss E: Here she is !! Isn't she beautiful ?! You just need to wind her up every month ! No spending of electricity , no battery !


Miss E: She is totally programmed to clean , cook and take care of children .

me: (whispering ) Wow , almost too good to be true ...


Sofia: Hello Lady Salica , my name is Sofia , I am happy to meet you .

me: ??? Hello ...Sofia . Nice to meet you as well .


Miss E.: You see , she is totally harmless .

Me: Yes ..she looks nice . Well , what do you think girls ? Can we manage those 2 new members in our family ?


Roberta : If she takes care of the cleaning , I'm in !
Eloise : Well , if she can cook , it would be a big help . I'm in for a try .
Sakuno : I'm in !! She said she was taking care of children , the little ones need more surveillance !


me : I guess you have your answer , we will accept you on a trial period of 3 months , and if there is no incidents with Sofia , you can stay indefinitely .
Miss E.: THANK YOU SO MUCH LADY SALICA !!! You won't regret it !


me : Welcome to the family Sabine !
Miss E.: You can call me Doctor if you want ..
me: No I think I'll stick with Sabine .
Miss E. : (sigh ) Okay then ....Sabine it is ...

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Just being herself ^_^
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