Several kinds of 50mw Laser Pointer Pen

Sat 2015/10/24 15:21 JST

The 1000mw Laser Pointer is a tool which is intended to concentrate on an object by shining it with a diminutive but extremely bright light. The laser pointer is a little gadget which can be used for many reasons. These pointers come in diverse colors and power abilities, which are estimated with the use of watts.

The breadth of the laser’s ray is minute enough to point towards an object without affecting the path of the light. This means that in a plain environment, the beam targets itself on a solid surface. From a health perspective, doctors claim any 50mw Green Laser Pointer> which fall under 5 milliwatts (mW) are considered to be safe. They can be used with no risk of to any living object in their vicinity.
There are several kinds of 50mw Laser Pointer Pen which are available in the market. Each has its own area of expertise which can differ depending on the kind of laser and the purpose it serves. The pointers are separated according to their watt or color style. The cheapest and most basic pointers were of 1 milliwatt and were finished with helium-neon.

The additional kinds of lasers pointer is divided by the color of the laser which vary between red-orange to green, violet and blue. The 300mw green laser are also separated between those that are hand-held and those which are used for superior reasons.

Most red pointers use Automatic Power Control (APC) to maintain the output power constant over temperature and until the batteries are nearly dead. The laser diode package itself has a built-in photodiode behind the laser diode chip for this purpose. Only the very cheap "dollar store" Far East import red pointers forgo this feature and simply use a current limiting resistor - as the batteries discharge, the output grows dimmer.
Most green laser pointers have in the past used Automatic Current Control (ACC) - a constant current driver. The result is generally fluctuations in output power as the pointer heats up. These may be quite large and result in either a very dim spot or an excessive and illegal super bright beam. The trend now is to use an APC driver to eliminate variability and also make it harder to "boost" the output to an illegal and dangerous power level.

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