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Likes toys in general, and have a collection consists of mostly robots. 98% kind of 'mostly'. Fairly beginner in model kits despite of being in the modeling hobby for years.
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Hello and hello to you that recognize my username from some long time ago. I've been busy with, well, college. Not so proud about it, but yes, I'm still in college. Why am I not so proud about it? Because if you see my "Member since" year, that's the year where I first entered college. So yeah, it's been that long. I'm not too stupid for college, just too lazy. But I'm not posting here for some facebook-level of "poor me" statuses. I'm here to actually introduce myself for once.

I come by the name Soni Brahmana. You might've seen that name in some places, mainly the "Brahma" part. I also come by with many different names on the internet, mainly the kind of names that sounds like made by some chuunibyou. I'm not trying to hide myself, but I find looking your own actual name in games feels kinda funny. I also feel that it's better to introduce your real self in a real situation, like meeting someone for real.

Indonesian-born, on a normal family. Not sure what makes me into these kinds of stuff as a hobby, lol. But at least I get to meet awesome people when there's events involving toys, anime, games, etc so it's not so bad :D

Let me show you around my very small room while I continue introduce myself more and trying out how posts work now.


This is what you see when you pop in to my room. Some old members might remember about my room having one side of the wall wallpapered with some dark grey color. Well, it's been a long time, so it's removed. Now it looked like some wooden shack, isn't it? I like it that way. Don't mind the package. It came by when I wanted to make this post.


This is when you turn to the left. Yes, it's a praying mat, and yes I'm a muslim. I'll just end it there because I'm don't want to cause some bad misunderstandings. I'm just another guy that likes toys, so don't worry about that :D

It's been a long time since the last time I'm here. So many changes. I returned here just to post some new stuff I got in 2011. I thought to myself to be a little more active, but I'm just a low-budget person that hardly got new stuff or ideas to post something, so I ended up running hiatus again.


A closer look to the desk. The glasses are farsight glasses. I don't have farsight problem, I use them as magnifying glasses. The glass section of the desk was filled with my stash of manga. My mother didn't like how it looked, and told me that I better put in my mecha in there, so I did. And it looked better. The scattered pieces down there is Wing Zero's right wing. I'll post about it later once I got what I need to fix it.

If you notice, Drossel there have broken joint. It's a first-release Drossel that's known for her flawed joints. I'm going to repair it with some extra joint parts you can buy. You might also notice here, don't I have any "girls collection"? Well, don't you see there's also two Aigis and a female blacksmith mini figure there beside Drossel? :D


This is when you turn to the left. I keep my desk neat, and left this side messy.

I've always liked robots. I really do. That's the reason why I keep Drossel and there's even two Aigis. The flashy design; the powerful, intimidating look; the cool, sleek lines; the menacing spikes and weapons; and all many other features of them really fascinates me.

Gundams have their attractive designs; the way they pack in a high level of power but keeping it possible in a real robot limit is interesting. The gunpla is also has its attractiveness from the way people can freely modify them. Super robot series is basically "no-limiter" robots. What does that mean? Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is enough explanation. Super power to the point of beyond godlike executed in flashy moves and don't forget about throwing galaxies. It's lovely.


Here's some of my gunplas. The four in the middle are new releases and also my newest additions, aside from Hygogg on the desk earlier. When looking for gunpla, I'm looking for something different. Like how I prefer this Ortega Zaku rather than the other one. As clearly seen, the Guntank there has its weapons swapped. The first time I saw that Guntank and Giant Gatling HGBF, I really wanted to see it mounted on the Guntank. I still like the standard cannons, because that's what makes a Guntank... Guntank. Just wanted to try some kind of a "heavy gunner" look on this guy.

I was once having a passion for drawing. I put my dA account as my website link here, but I erased it because I can't really draw anymore. Some years of no drawing really killed my skill. I still help some of my artist friends with some ideas or helping them when they open up a booth on an event. Zaku Ortega there got a little "casualty" on a recent local artists event, Mangafest. I lost the fingers section of the left hand when I put it up as paperweight for the posters. I know the risks, so it's really fortunate that I only lost that one piece.


Bottom section of the messiness. You can see my manga section right here. On the lower part, there's bottles that I keep for potions. You can also see there's military kits here. Those were nothing like any gunpla I've made. It's like a whole different level. I mean, if I don't follow the guide, I wouldn't even bother to look for some flat plank to be attached to the anti-tank guns of that Stuka. There was a time when I really don't look at the guide when I'm building a gunpla, and only following the box art pictures and the sample action photos on the side of the box. It kinda worked, but I sure missed a lot of pieces back then.

All of those military kits are 90% finished. Tirpitz still have its small boats not even cut from the runners, Stuka still have some little bits on its rear wings, and the Focke-Wulf still have its bomb not yet attached. There's also extra guns I wanted to attach there. I'm just too lazy to finish it. Even RG kits still feels easier than these.


The Focke-Wulf was planned to be a Red Baron, but I'm not that good in picking colors, so it's kinda bland. That's why Tirpitz and Stuka there is not painted at all. I'm not that good as a builder. I know I've started doing kits since I was like, 7 or 8 years old and still doing it until this so-called adult age, and yet my building skills doesn't seem to improve much. Maybe it's obviously improved now with the cleaner nubmarks and panel lines. I never did any panel lines before, and the first time I did it, boy it was sure feels like an entirely different kit.

I break my toys often as a kid. Many of it was broken right after I played with it some time after it's out from the package. But then, I've always liked to tinker around with many things and whenever I got a new toy, I'm always so curious about what the toys can do. Is there a hidden hatch or can it fold in somewhere or some unknown gimmicks here and there. You know how some toys have that thing that seems can be opened but it's actually connected with screws. Those are the kinds of things that I always tend to break. The only things I didn't break are my kits. Because I build them, I know exactly what it can do, and what it can't do.


Oh right, I forgot to apologize for using flash snaps all the time. It's because my current camera is a Kodak Pixpro Fz51, and it really doesn't suit me, mainly because when it's used indoors, it needs the autofocus function that comes in with auto flash. My old one is this Sanyo Xacti, and I did some really nice shots with it. It died out completely some time ago, so I just have to make do with this Kodak. My phone cameras might not even pass the quality control here.

I have tremors. Part of the reasons why I kinda stopped drawing is because of that. I know I shouldn't give up, but I have some temper problem and it's way worse than you thought it is, and it contributes to the tremors at some point. I can't make circles properly, so I can't draw the way I wanted it to be. In the end, I just run off to making model kits just to try keeping the tremors under control.


Here's the rest of my collection. There's some more on the back of it, and since it's dusty, I cleaned it up after I took this picture.

At this point, I'm still kinda worried about how this post will look like. It's been ages ago since I came back here and then so many stuff changed. I have no idea if the content post is going to sit down there or it's just for preview purposes. The problem is, my other existing posts have it up there, so I don't know if there's something I forgot or what. There's also a feature of this site that I kinda missed; the Puchi Blurb. It was like a public chatroom for anyone that's sticking to the front page. But I guess it can be kinda chaotic at times that it ended up being erased. Or is there something big that makes it gone and I missed it?


And this is all of my figures. At least, the boxes. Ever since that time with Merapi, I still haven't took out that much because I'm a bit too lazy to put it around. Besides, by the time I post this, my desk is too cramped already. Maybe it's spacious in this post, but I'm returning back to gunpla lately, so before I know it, my desk is all cramped. I'm also thinking of selling some of these as well, but since it was once caught so many dust, I'm not sure if I can sell them. It also makes me cringe when I'm thinking about shipping them. What if they don't handle it carefully?

I don't think I've introduced myself enough, but I just can't think much about introducing myself. Some things to point out are maybe about me being on both the 'normal' world and the 'hobby' world. "Hobby" as in, well, all these things you see in my room as well as games and anime. I still can blend in when I'm with people who see my hobby or those that likes anime as 'freaks'. I've met a bunch of people that really think that way, so I end up having two side of life. I believe it's not just me, it's just that those people who seem to look at us with the look of (I'm not sure how to call it) "disgust" made me think that I should split myself somehow so that I can simply fit in when I'm in the middle of the so-called "normal people". I guess that's it for now. Oh, and one more thing; I really am a guy :D

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Likes toys in general, and have a collection consists of mostly robots. 98% kind of 'mostly'. Fairly beginner in model kits despite of being in the modeling hobby for years.
Indonesia · Undergraduate Student