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Fri 2016/01/01 14:43 JST
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Akemashite Omedato

Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a bright and happy new year!

Thought I'd pull together a few little bits and bobs of loot I've had come in over the past month or so and post a few pics.

Randomly odd ball as usual I'd say ^_^"

Pics via iPhone 6


Puzzle & Dragons - Awoken Hera-Ur


What a bombshell of a figure (pardon the pun).


There's a lot of nice little touches to like about this one.


Just the separate hair piece alone is larger than some of my figures and needs its own little brace.


Note the color blending including the metalics of her horns.


Love the character design and neat little details. Cheeky tooth poke.


Yup. Just enough space on that absurdly large base of her's to fit the other comfortably in with her.





Played with some blue and white mini figure lighting.


Given a similar design theme, they look pretty cool together. Big fan of the Magi Anime show and loved the Dijins / Genies so am rather disappointed at the lack of blue skinned fantasy themed figures, but at least we have these two!


Another day, another Yuki Mori from Space Battleship Yamato 2199 courtesy of MegaHouse.

Cast off? Who knew?



Love that troubled expression.


That's the seam where the cast off skirt joins up. It was a real pain getting it to fit on and close properly. I honestly recommend you steer clear of ever removing it again as a result.


That said you can kinda see the kinky reason for it being a cast off and slightly transparent 8)_



That makes it 16 in the set now, but there hasn't been any news on more from Megahouse.



These are ultra rare. One of the odder merchandise items Subaru release from their STI performance arm are these summer (left) and winter (right) bears. Each one is uniquely dressed and you normally only have around a 2 week window, to order them from Japan, so I got really lucky twice!

These are the 2015 set and generally live in the back seat of my car seeing as you can't fit anything else back there XD



Obligatory can of Coke to help gauge relative size. Very cute.


I found some FFXIV Carbuncles to use as mounts for them to get around.


Two seater!



They come with game codes for an in game pet! On a side note that's my FFXIV character which, I've been playing since 2.0's launch and main as a WHM. Played a healer in WOW for 6.5 years and 2.5 in this game now.



One for the SW fans. I won't spoil it for anyone, but I think the latest movie is the best of the entire saga so far. I'm very much looking forward to the next few.

As you can see there are four combo's of poses, hence the two sets :)

Yes I have the others on order and am waiting to see what else comes out!


If you look closely you will notice two layers. There's extra arms and legs in the second tray. If they had literally just tossed in one extra head/torso you could make a third trooper. Bit of a waste, but great looking figures otherwise.


Some new additions to the family. Meet Loli....


... and Dolly. No I did not come up with their names. Yes I have issues trying to remember which is which Orz


For those car nuts out there. I purchased a Cusco 4.556 FD for the BRZ and an aluminum drive shaft. The change equates to each gear being 11% faster, but the trade off is each gear will sit around 300rpm higher (at the same road speed as prior). This would normally slightly impact fuel economy, but fuel is cheap in Australia so meh. Also you would normally need to adjust the speedometer to compensate for the gearing change, but as the twins use the ABS sensors in the front (to measure speed) I won't have to adjust anything.

The drive shaft replaces the two piece steel original with a one piece (great show) unit weighing literally half as much. This will improve throttle response and would normally introduce a tiny bit of extra NVH / noise. The twins have zero sound deadening so I likely won't notice any change. This is the kinda mod that makes sense to do at the same time as the FD.

As a little side hobby I track my fuel use (if curious) http://www.fuelly.com/car/subaru/brz/2015/mimo/326706

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Life time student of all things Japan, music, culture, anime and associated vices
Sydney, Australia · Nendtaku - 360 unique full size and counting