Mega Loot Part 3! Star Wars

Tue 2016/02/09 11:01 JST
Figures are too much fun. I am a huge collector. I love figures, dolls, robots and all kinds of toys
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Ok, so it took awhile again to update...but here's Part 3- All Star Wars (mostly Force Awakens).
I should have Part 4 and 5 soon....

So on Force Friday 9/14/15- Disney and its Toy Partners had a major release of the film's toy and merchandise. So I also got caught up in it and bought some stuff. My favorite one was the Sphero BB-8. It's a super fun toy and the Disney Rey figure. I didn't go too crazy but just got some stuff that I wanted...


Also woke up early on Force Friday to go to Disney Store to get the exclusive pin!


Here's the rest of the stuff I got for Force Friday... didn't go too insane, I mainly concentrated on the Funko Pops since I collect those. I went for the store exclusives. I never really collected Star Wars so didn't get too many of the action figures....

But after I saw the movie..... yea maybe went a little crazy with the collecting and toy hunting....



merchandise from the Galaxy Premiere
This was the collector's ticket


Of course got some cool new Star Wars gear ^^
The shirt on the left was from the premiere. The back of the shirt is pictured below. It's pretty cool since it has the dates of all the movie releases


The print to the right is the Fandango and Disney rewards limited print


For AMC IMAX theaters they had a special promo where they would be giving out different limited edition prints each Sunday you watched the movie after the premiere. So yes I watched this movies quite a number of times since to get all 4 you had to watch the movie every Sunday for 4 weeks.



This book has some stories about Rey, Finn and Poe before the events of the movie


So on Opening Day Disney Store released new figures. I was forced to buy Rey again since this version now came with a light saber.



For the mini figs they also released another version with more characters so I had to get the new set. Ah Disney making me buy the day stuff over and over. Lol. I have a feeling I will be buying different versions of the bluray as well because of exclusives content or special edition stuff from different stores


This Kylo Ren helmet with voice changer is pretty cool


haven't gotten any vinlymations lately and feel this toylike is at its end. BUT I did have th get the Force Awakens end. Its a pretty cool set. The chaser was Han Solo



Popcorn buckets!
Cool vehicles!


I ofcourse LOVED the movie. So went a little crazy with the figures. Bought some of the classic figures. I thought this was a cool box set.

I am just focusing on Force Awakens tho.
Toys R Us have some exclusive figures. But by far the hardest to find are the Walmart exclusive Black series 3.75 in figures (3.75 figures in the black box). Although some of the regular carded figures were a pain to track down too.


The inside of the classic box set


Back of the classic box set.


The movie had an awesome soundtrack !!!!


Funko POPs! The exclusives have been fun to hunt down. The Walmart exclusives are probably the hardest to get.


The December 2015 Loot Crate box had an exclusive Han Solo pop and BB-8 socks


Here's the 2nd Smugglers Bounty subscription box, which is a Star Wars only subscription service run by Funko. It's pretty cool. I didn't get the first one as the only item I wanted was the Phasma pop so I just bought that separately


These are actually the latest figures I have gotten. Been trying to track them down for a few weeks going to several walmarts and targets. Lol



The Baddies!!!!!!


I thought Kylo was an interesting villain.
I really love his design so I really love the figures they have made for him

The hardest Kylo Ren figure to find is the Kmart exclusive ( figures to the left of the Pop figures)
The Walmart unmasked Pop is pretty cool too


I wonder who my favorite character is...
Rey is just awesome. She made the movie for me
The hardest Rey figure to find was the Walmart only black series figures. I think I had to go to 5 different Walmarts before I eventually found it. I know I can get it on ebay or something for a premium but I prefer not too if I can, plus I enjoy toy hunting it's a fun game. Lol..
The figures on the left are the 6in figures. I actually missed the first release and this is the second, which they actually improves with better paint apps. I actually also got the 2nd release for the Kylo Ren figure for this line and they also made some improvement on the sculpt.


My favorite Rey figures. I ended up buying 4 of the carded figure. One was the initial release, the other was the Japanese release (which essentially is the same fig with a sticker on the back with the Japanese translation , pic of the back below), the 3rd and 4th I got are the 2nd release of the figure with better paint app


The figure to the left are the Takara Japanese release figures. The Takara Tomy BB-8 car is really cute too


The coolest Rey merchandise. I really love that they also made her weapons. The 12 in figure is nice as well


Giant Rey blanket!!!!


Big fan of comic artist Kris Anka
He worked on Uncanny Xmen and is currently drawing Captain Marvel

He is known to draw really strong female characters. I thought it would be cool to get a Rey piece from him. The picture does not do it justice. Love Rey's intense look.
Hmmm I sense a theme for my art commissions this year....


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Figures are too much fun. I am a huge collector. I love figures, dolls, robots and all kinds of toys
California, USA · I Love Macross F! ·