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Sun 2016/02/28 11:30 JST
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One of my most awaited figures finally came in this month, along with two welcome additions to the Bunny family.

I'll still be collecting Bunny's and the odd smaller scale figure so I guess I need to consider finally packing away a hundred odd Nendo's to make some space in my cases ^_^"

Pics via iPhone 6


I have to say Lala's box is spectacular. To those people that like leaving their figures mint and boxed. This would be a lovely addition. The clear box you see was wrapped in protective paper and came in a separate plain box for protection. The front and back is clear and the sides came with photo inserts showing the front and then back of Lala (one on each side).


All those Super Sonico sculpts could learn a thing or two from this one. I appreciate Lala is a different character, but the more you look at this rendition of her, the more you might start to appreciate the subtlety and detail of her sculpt that (to me) makes her sexier than pretty much every Sonico sculpt made so far.


I love the proportions and how Lala's oppai don't look like two tacked on balloons. The subtle way some body fat was factored into the sculpt and the way her tight clothing naturally pinches causing bulges is beautiful.


Pay close attention to how Lala's top has been beautifully sculpted to not only flow around her ample oppai, but also how it naturally follows the realistic sag. Notice the top strings which flow smoothly as one piece with the top rather than an after thought cut and pasted in.


Hair detailing is top notch.


Amazing detail on her cute little sneakers. Very much in character. I also love the simple base with its discrete logo and otherwise clear design.


A lovely example of how value, on a beach wear oriented sculpt, does not need to come with the ability to cast off. This gives more freedom to make clothing look more natural and really lets the sculptor push the envelope with clothing. Case in point those pants.




Love the subtle and natural way her tail flows. Though I have several hundred figures in my collection, only a handful would be worthy of a 10/10. This is one of those figures.


Even Sonico approves!


Another addition to the growing 1/4 bunny family.


A cute rendition, but a little simple and underwhelming as bunny sculpts go. This is one of those that needs to be displayed with a bunch of other bunny releases to bring out its appeal.



That's a soft fluffy tail.


And then we have this bombshell.


Wow the detail. Her forearms actually come off and her elbow Armour slides on and sits loose. Nice subtle way to make her elbows look more intricate and less compromised if sculpted on instead.



Rather like this cheeky pic.


Love the flow of hair and the tail sculpt. One of the reasons I love 1/4 scale bunnies is the stitching along the back of their legs does not look as messy as on smaller scale releases.


Kinda odd but if you peal the non cast off top down a little you will see properly detailed and painted oppai. Seemed odd to include that level of detail when not being a cast off.


One of only a hand full of Freeing's 1/4 bunny releases that could happily stand on its own (in a display) as a genuinely nice solitary figure.


Despite one being slightly in front of the other in this shot. The right one is a decent amount larger. Her head is twice as large.


One of my favorite shows of late is GATE. Figured I'd pick up a new pouch to hold my collection of USB sticks and a fresh microfiber cloth to throw on the iPad mini. The cloth is about the exact size of a mini's screen so I place it on the glass and then shut its leather case over it sand-wedging it in. I'm OCD about using my iPad with a spotlessly clean, protector free glass display.


Amiami customers would have noticed the inserts they pop into shipments. I think they are a nice cute touch. This is one of their earlier examples.


And the reverse.


This latest one first came with my latest shipment. Its 50% larger.


Larger to account for increased language support for their message. Kinda random, but figured I'd capture them for posterity in one of my posts. Besides they look cute and I appreciate the artistic effort.


Lastly another addition to my growing Star Wars collection because STORM TROOPERS!


Like my last loot post these are are a jigsaw of pre-painted pieces that allow for a number of display poses. All these releases appear to come with magnetic feet btw, so that opens up some interesting display possibilities.

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Life time student of all things Japan, music, culture, anime and associated vices
Sydney, Australia · Nendtaku - 360 unique full size and counting