[FS] Spring Sale - Guitar, Figures, Camera, And Such 2016

Wed 2016/03/09 10:28 JST
California · 3D modeler, motion graphics designer, photographer

Hey guys, I'm unloading and making space. All while considering moving sometime soon in the future, so I'm hoping to reduce the number of stuff I have to take.

All of the items shown are in good used condition, the guitar being no exception. It's the X Japan hide signature model and in good condition. I really take care of my stuff.

My figures have rarely been displayed and stayed mostly in the original boxes, with the exception of the Virtual-On Miku, which was displayed for a while in my display case.

The Sony NEX-6 and Sigma 30mm are also in great shape, I still use it but I'm hoping to unload it off for cheap and maybe think about moving onto something else (still trying to decide ><). I put a sample photo here of my Azunyan figure which I took with the camera/lens. And if you're interested in more samples, all of my other photos from the other blog posts like my figure reviews are all taken with this setup. I took the photos of the camera and lens with my iPhone so it looks bad. lol

shiki39(at)icloud.com e-mail me if interested.
Prices are negotiable

Virtual-On Miku 20USD
Snow Miku 2014 60USD
Snow Miku 2013 50USD
Fernandes MG-85C 600USD
Sony NEX-6 350USD
Sigma 30mm f2.8 150USD

LA/OC area pickup or shipping domestic only.





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California · 3D modeler, motion graphics designer, photographer