SEGA "CharaDoll Selection" 1/6 Sakura Wars Character Dolls

Thu 2016/03/10 03:54 JST
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happened across a pretty good deal on both of these as a set from the same JPN seller.
been considering them, off and on, for years, well, now they are finally mine.

so far as the dolls themselves go, the typical BARBIE-like SEGA doll bodies well and truly suck big time. IMO,
and the facial sculpts are generally O.K but kind of weird in a certain sort of way.

furthermore, Sakura Shinguji's very Blue shade of hair is quite the departure indeed from typically Asian Jet Black
that she sports in pretty much every other depiction of her ever seen,
including Kosuke Fujishima's original art, so there is that little wrinkle as well.

all the same, they're probably the best Sakura Wars 1/6 dolls i'll ever have the chance to own,
and i'll probably be getting them each an OBITSU BODY eventually, and figure out something decent for them to wear
so they can take their proper places in my little Anime Harem...








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Anime/Manga Enthusiast since 1993