[FS] Volks Dollfie outfits

Tue 2016/03/15 15:29 JST
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Prices don't include shipping or PP fees. Whoever pays first gets the thing
Bonus offer: coming to AnimeBoston in couple weeks? Pick it up from me then, save on shipping!

I'll ship to anywhere, just beware shipping to outside the US seems to start at $20 and only goes up from there. First Class often has no insurance and fairly limited tracking too...
Priority Mail around the US - has tracking ~$6-$10

Don't be shy, my email is annachii@gmail.com

♥ GOSICK - Victorique - $200
default set: petticoat, bloomers, dress, apron-sash piece, headdress, boots


Lemme just gush for a second - the petticoat is trimmed in lace & thats adorable!!

Victorique was a resin girl (SDG i believe), but S/M busted DD girls can wear this just fine


♥ IdolMaster - Makoto - $110
"check MY note!" full set - this never came with panties, so you're on your own there. The skirt in package flattens out a bit, just carefully bend the hem to give it that gravity-defying look again
Set includes: hairbow, tubetop, jacket & skirt, cuffs, buncha belts, leg garter & wrist cuffs, choker, armband and gorgeous boots



♥ afterschool Akihabara girls - Nanami - $120
default set - plaid skirt with "flap" piece on a belt, tshirt, guitar-pick necklace, jacket & thigh-highs. Plus amazing plaid sneakers & backpack
**no panties



♥LPC: blue label - Feminine Yukata Set (Peony) - $40
default set: obi, top "jacket", bottom "wrap-around skirt"

It takes some effort to put it on right, but since both pieces are basically free-size you can get it on any girl



♥IdolMaster Cinderella girls - Uzuki's uniform skirt - $25


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Casual gamer & lazy cosplayer
· tsundere NEET · http://x-chise-x.livejournal.com