Happy Birthday to Salica!

Wed 2016/03/23 07:43 JST
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Today is an important day because it's the birthday of one of my closest and best friends in the doll hobby.... Salica! We go WAY back in the hobby and she's always been so nice to me, no matter what. I'd always loved her girls and when she decided to downsize a bit, she allowed me to adopt three of them. I couldn't have been any happier! She let me get Elizabeth, Sango and Katerina from her and they've now been with me for well over 3 years. I may be their Papa but Salica is still their Mommy and they sure know it. They always ask about her and talk to her and such and Salica always sends them postcards and little care packages to let them know she still loves them.

Seriously, Salica is such a wonderful person and friend. I love her to bits and I wouldn't trade anything for her friendship. She's awesome, kind, funny and best of all.... she's my friend.

So happy birthday Salica! We all love you and hope you have an awesome day! The girls wanted to share some pics with everyone to show how they are with me and what they do around the house.



Sango and Elizabeth the day they arrived. Sango used to be an L-bust but she complained about her back hurting all the time and the clothes she liked not fitting right so we made her an M-bust instead. Sango is an 02 head painted to look like Kuroneko, she even has custom eyes for it. Elizabeth is a Mikuru Asahina with an M-bust on her.


When she first got here, the above is what I got from her most of the time...

"Leave me alone! Stop taking my picture! Go away!" ^_^ She's a cute little Tsun-Tsun girl.


Then she found the weapon stash..... but she eventually got used to me and warmed up as best a Tsundere like her can do.


Elisabeth is my most adorable and shy girl. She was a total Mommy's little girl for sure but she'd always liked me too. She was just super shy when she first arrived here. Her bunny Mr. Flops was ( and is ) always with her to help her feel secure and safe.


This is her default waitress uniform that she came with and she enjoys dressing up in it from time to time. I love it on her but she says the skirt is too short..... I don't see it. XD


Sango and Elizabeth are always close to each other. Here they are after they got brand new hand made kimonos from a friend of my Moms. They are holding a tiny panda and basket that Salica sent them.


Kitty girls! ^_^

It took me forever but once I found the Mikuru school uniform and wig set on Mandarake, I snagged it for Elizabeth. I wanted that wig and uniform BAD and even tho it was super expensive, it was worth every penny having it for her.


Like I said, these two are about inseperable, they even sleep in the same bed. XD


About a year after I adopted Elizabeth and Sango, Salica let me adopt their older sister Katerina. She is a modded Estel Freesia head on an M-bust DD2 body. She's alos one of only 2 of my girls that have eyelashes. She's also the only girl I have that wears glasses.


Katerina LOVES being a maid. She likes cleaning and keeping things in order. She also loves my Rei and is her second in command of The Maid Brigade. Kat really has lots of fun being a maid and she dresses in this uniform quite a bit. It's a Volks set and she's the only one allowed to wear it.


Here's a close up of her.... isn't she gorgeous? I love her face and those eyes. The little dog is another present from Salica, she got it when she was over in England! Katerina keeps this puppy with her most of the time.


All three of Salicas girls enjoy dressing up but Elizabeth is definitely the one who has the most fun with it. She looks so good in just about anything you put her in too. Here she is doing a nice formal evening gown.


Sangos favorite colors are black and white so most of her wardrobe consists of clothing like this. This is actually the Marissa default outfit.


Elizabeth loves magic and has tried it out before. She even did a little stage show for me once. She was adorable even tho she kept messing up the tricks. ;) This picture is her pulling a rabbit out of her.... pumpkin?


Sango in another gothic inspired outfit holding onto Reis little stuffed animal Bones.


Since Elizabeth likes animals so much, she jmped at the chance to dress up a s a cute fox girl! She wore Mashiros default set for WEEKS. LOL


Katerina likes dressing up too but she's a bit more mature in her selections. She likes this little one piece dress a lot and wears it out to parties. She digs hats too. :)



Look out! It's Elizabeth the Lion!

She dressed up as a lion a couple of Halloweens ago and had great fun pouncing on her sisters all night.


And lastly, Elizabeth likes reds so she has this cute short cheongsam she wears every now and then. It's from Azone and is listed for the 50cm bodies but it fits her nicely.


As I said before, Salica likes to send her girls presents and these are two Volks sets she got for them one year for my birthday. They loved the outfits and wore them for a week straight. ^_^


This shows how these two interact a lot of the time. Elizabeth is so sweet and innocent, she plays off things she doesn't know or understand. Here, she is wearing an obi for her kimono on her head as a hat. Sango is trying to explain that it's not a hat but Elizabeth is having none of that. XD

"It's a pretty hat!"


All 3 girls hang out a lot and whenever a package comes in, they all open it together. In this package, Salica sent along a nice Canadian shirt that Liz immediately swiped and put on.


Even tho they have lots of other sisters to hang out and play with, these 3 still keep together most of the time. I think the time to themselves reminds them of when they were with Salica and their Canadian family.


So there we are. All our girls in all their glory.

And even tho this photo was from a year or two ago, I'll use it again because it's cute. XD

Happy Birthday Salica! We all wish you a happy day!

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Anime watcher and DD collector. And now the proud Papa of 19 Dollfie Dreams! ACK!!
South Carolina · Service Manager