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Sun 2016/07/31 16:50 JST
Like castoffable figures :)
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Went to Japan from 22nd - 29th July. Mainly for shopping so I didn't go sightseeing much :P

My itinerary there
22nd July
- depart to Haneda airport. Arrived at 10.30pm
- sleep at the airport

23rd July
- check-in
- went to Akihabara to get Wonfest guidebook
- went to Odaiba to get the limited edition HG Unicorn Phenex set
- missed the Adachi Fireworks Festival (only noticed when I heard fireworks explosion from my room) ;_;

24th July
- went to Wonder Festival Summer 2016, which was my first visit to the event. Queue not as severe as Comiket :P

25th July
- went to Nakano Broadway to find some stuff in their Mandarake.
- went to Mandarake Akihabara to get stuff I failed to find in Nakano

26th July
- went to Akihabara to get stuff in my wishlist

27th July
- went to Yokosuka to visit Battleship Mikasa
- afterwards went to Asakusa to eat ramen
- then went to Kagurazaka Festival

28th July
- went to Tsukiji to eat seafood
- went to Tokyo Skytree to find some souvenirs
- went to Akihabara for last shopping (mainly for other people stuff and souvenirs).

29th July
- sent the luggage to airport early in the morning to avoid rush hours.
- went back to inn to for check-out
- went to Akihabara just to look around
- went back to airport to retrieve the luggage and check-in for the flight. Depart back to Malaysia at 11.45pm JST

30th July
- arrived to Malaysia at 5.45pm

Stayed at Aizuya Inn in Minami-Senju


My stuff plus other people stuff :P


HG Unicorn Phenex Limited Gold and Silver Coating set (10,800yen)
- after getting the Wonfest guidebook (that served as entrance ticket) immediately I went to Gundam Front Tokyo Odaiba to get this. Apparently this set was quite popular; during Wonfest the next day got one booth selling it for 26k yen. Few days after that I saw it sells at 30k yen in Akihabara

MSiA Midea+Gaw and MSiA Lily Marein (both for 8000yen in Wonfest)
- actually was looking for the Lily Marein only

figma Ted 2
- my friend's. Bought at Amiami shop

HG FA Gundam Thunderbolt metallic version (3240yen)
- bought at Gundam Front Tokyo. Not as popular as the Phenexes :P

Soul of Chogokin Yamato (8980yen)
- this is the lucky find. Not sure what's missing or broken but as long as the ship is intact I don't mind hahah. Usually cannot find this below 10k yen. Bought at a shop called エックス something near Book Off Akihabara

HG Xekueins (1200yen), AGP Blue Tears (6500yen)
- bought at Mandarake Nakano

Fujimi KanNEXT Shimakaze (2000yen) and KanNEXT Harekaze set (3800yen)
- Bought at Fujimi booth during Wonfest. Apparently they have sale for their ships model kit; KanNEXT ships (except Harekaze) was sold at 2000yen each (outside price ranging from 2500-3300yen). Regretted abit buying Harekaze there since few days later Amiami shop sell it at 2800yen

F-toys JMSDF ship (416yen including tax)
- Bought at Softmap. Apparently the reason this one is not tax free because there's candy inside. Tax free shopping not applicable for consumables (which is the candy). But who the heck buy that thing for the candy?


F-toys JMSDF ship (416yen) F-Toys JMSDF Support Ship (842yen), F-toys Navy kit Collection 7 (540yen)
- first two bought at Softmap, the last one bought at Volks shop

ATDX vol 1 and vol 2, Revoltech Optimus Prime and Batmobile (each 1500yen)
- all bought at Kaiyodo booth in Wonfest. the ATDXes was sold at 3000yen for 2. The Revoltechs actually acquired through lucky draw; each draw 1500yen

HG Hyakuri (720 yen)
- bought at Wonfest. Used to have one but gave away to other people.

Gochiusa vol 1-4, New Game vol 3-5 bought at Melonbooks (Gochiusas), Mandarake Nakano (New Game vol 3) and Toranoana (New Game vol 4-5)

HG Pale Rider (3200yen)
- bought at Mandarake Nakano. So far the cheapest I could find. Other place is around 5k yen)

figma Kaga (6696yen)
- bought at Surugaya Specialty Store. No tax free huhu

Okayama Figure Engineering Tsukaima Sara (11480yen)
- bought at Softmap. Few days earlier saw one at 9800yen in another branch of Softmap but once I came back to get it on Thursday it was no longer there. Contemplated between this and Dragon Toys Marudea but since the latter has considerably bigger box and about 3000yen more expensive so...

Gochiusa vol 1-4 (bought at Melonbooks), New Game vol 3 (Nakano), vol 4-5 (Toranoana)


Wonfest Summer 2016 catalogue (2500yen; served as entrance ticket for the event too)

Idolmaster catalogue (2800yen)
- bought at Mandarake Nakano. My friend's

Clear files gotten for free from purchase of Gochiusas and the New Game books

Japan's flag (200yen; bought at Daiso)

Zulu flag, Battleship Mikasa 3d postcard (total around 2000yen)
- bought at Mikasa park. those who played World of Warships game will recognize the Zulu flag

Various erohons :P



Freeing 1/4 Elizabeth Mably (12000yen)
- bought at Mandarake Akihabara. 2 days later I found a cheaper one (10k yen) at K-Books Radiokaikan :/

Gift 1/4 Hayate (7000yen)
- bought at Jungle Akihabara

OMR Raiden (800yen)
- Bought at Wonfest. Was looking for this (and other OMR kits) since my very first trip to Japan back in 2012

HG Hi-Nu Gundam VRabe (1800yen)
- Bought at Mandarake Nakano


Onaholes from a shop in Akihabara :P

Revoltech mini War Machine (around 2800yen)
- bought at Kaiyodo store in Radiokakian

Yukata set (1500yen)
- bought at Asakusa. Souvenir for my younger brother

Prawn snack and 4 teacups
- bought at Tsukiji. Souvenirs for office and another 2 of my younger brothers and their partners




Sega Zelsius Quna Extra color (10800yen)
- bought at Sega booth in Wonfest. This usually inflated in price in second hand market :P

Yahari Seishun PSV game (5940yen)
- bought at Traders

Hand drills from Daiso (108 yen each)

Kotobukiya light saber (1080yen)
- bought at Softmap, together with the Sara figurine)

Various gashapons.
- small ones are ships; 300yen each). The big one gotten for free during the revoltech lucky draw

500ml Coke, Umaru trading figure


Pikachu cushion (2160yen)
- bought at Mandarake Akihabara. Souvenir for younger sister

Godhand beginner nipper (1200yen)
- bought at Godhand's booth during Wonfest. Heard their tools are very good. That nipper is the cheapest nipper they have :P

A garage action figure kit (2500yen)
- bought at Wonfest

The white scroll is actually free calendar from Fujimi booth


Bought lots of 2D erohon last trip, so this trip 3D erohon :P


After this are various photos I took during my whole week in Japan


First meal after arrived to Haneda Airport. Gyudon from Yoshinoya.


Rushing to Gundam Front Tokyo. The 1/1 RX-78 still as majestic as ever.


Unajyu at Nakano Broadway. Turn left just beside the entrance.


Trying the Thickburger from Carl's Junior Akihabara. Feel like it was abit salty :P


Challenging the lvl 10 spicy curry rice at Coco Ichibanya. The spiciness actually lasted only for a short time but it does make you pause eating from time to time.


Battleship Mikasa at Yokosuka. Too bad Nagato was made into a target ship at Bikini Atoll nuclear bomb test :/


With Togo Heihachiro statue


Chicken ramen at Naritaya, Asakusa. So far the best-tasting ramen I had.


Wagyu gyudon, also at Naritaya. The wagyu does not taste different than wagyu I had in Malaysia.


At Kagurazaka Festival.



Went to Tsukiji just for food :P The price of their street food was considerably cheaper than in matsuri :P



Very nice tamagoyaki just for 100yen :)


List of seafood meal at one of the restaurant in Tsukiji. I did not go into this one though :P


2000yen (discounted from 3000yen) set. Had to choose this because I'm low in cash when I arrived at Tsukiji :v


Tsukiji Hongan-ji


Morning of 29th July. Took almost 1 hour to arrange the luggage into this position. This was how I'm able to brought back lot of stuff from Japan without shipping them by courier. Not recommended if you are not determined enough :P


Pasta at Saizeriya


Some shops I went in Akihabara. This is Radio Kaikan building. There are several toy shops inside, and also 2 floors of K-Books.


Volks building



A stall that sells beef skewer in Akihabara. Located just beside the Gindaco takoyaki stall.

The Kobe beef here seems to be real. It does disintegrate in the mouth after you bite it. Very much different than other wagyu beef I tasted before :D


The Softmap branch that has the most number of second hand figurines


Surugaya Specialty Stores. Some stuff were cheaper than most shops in Akihabara.


The infamous Mandarake Akihabara


This Softmap branch actually has huge section of JAV and gravure material on the 6th floor :P


Amiami shop. The price here is more expensive than their English website, but you can find stuff that were not listed in their English site (mainly second-hand stuff).


Melonbooks. The entrance to this bookshop is quite tricky to find :P


Yodobashi Akihabara was actually the first notable landmark I saw after arriving at Akihabara thru Metro Hibiya Line, for all 3 trips (2012, 2014, 2016)


Adult store hehe :P


The エックス something toy shop near Book-Off Akihabara

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Like castoffable figures :)
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