[For SALE] Rare Volks outfit : Mikuzukin Set | Sasara | Lieselotte | and etc

Sat 2016/12/10 07:02 JST
JKboy & Nekopoychan family

RARE Volks Outfit set for SALE !!

International shipping is available.

== How to order ==
+ Please e-mail me at : neko_poychan@hotmail.com
+ Or Line ID : nekopoychan

== Payment ==
(No addition fee)

== Items Detail ==


Do-Re-Mi-Fa Rondo Outfit Set

Do-Re-Mi-Fa Rondo Outfit Set

Price : 95$ USD

Size:DDS (SS-S-M Bust Only), DD (SS-S-M Bust Only)
Includes:Hat, Sash, Jacket, Waist Belt, Skirt, Thigh-high Socks, Shoes
Condition : New, Un-open


Mikuzukin set

Price : 240$
Condition : New, Un-open

Size:DDS (SS/S/M Bust Only & Boy Type), DD (SS/S/M Bust Only)

Includes:Wig, Plush Wolf, Headband, Hood, Dress, Apron, Petticoat, Thigh-high Socks, Bangle, Shoes


"Lieselotte" 15th Anniv Version Outfit set + Wig + Shoes

Original Outfit set for
Volks Dolpa 32 Limted Super Dollfie SD Girl "Lieselotte" 15th Anniv Version

Price : 380$ USD

Include :
+ Original "Lieselotte" 15th Anniv Version Outfit set
+ Wig
+ Shoes

Note: Doll is not include

Condition : New, Un-open

Size : SdGr girl, DD (M, L)


Sasara Outfit + Shoes

Sasara Outfit + shoes

Price : 290$ USD

Include : Sasara (ver.1) original outfit set + shoes
Note : Doll, eyes, wig is NOT include

Condition : Used, Good condition
(request more photo please email me)



"Sasara Kusugawa White Gothic Version" Outfit + Shoes

"Sasara Kusugawa White Gothic Version" Outfit + Shoes

Price : 280$ USD

Include : "Sasara Kusugawa White Gothic Version" Outfit set + Shoes

Note : Doll, eyes, wig, wig ribbon is NOT include

Condition : New, Un-open