My New Year's Daughter

Wed 2017/01/11 08:30 JST
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Hey everyone! WOW It's been FOREVER since I posted ANYTHING!!! =_=

Well I've been pretty busy during the Holidays and there are also times during the Holidays when you eat something that doesn't agree with you too! >.< (sorry for being gross) I had a rather good Christmas though, My dad got me the full series of The Outer Limits TOS on DVD and the complete TOS of Star Trek on BluRay! I also have my dad to thank for helping me get my newest too! This was a late Christmas gift that came with a condition. That I pay him back, which is fine with me. I am sooooo ecstatic right now anyway that I don't care! So without further ado, here she is!


Yes! I now have my own Mirai Suenaga! My gawd I'm still fascinated by her and how she poses and everything!


Mirai: "Hi everyone! Hi Danny Sempai! I made it safely to my destination with no problems whatsoever! And wow! My new papa is a.....bit messy..."


Mirai: "Wow it feels pretty good in my underwear actually!"

Well that's because it's so nice today. Thank goodness it IS nice, cause come this weekend it's gonna get cold again!

Mirai: "YIKES! And me with no clothes!" T_T

Don't worry I'll remedy that soon, I promise.


Some cute cards with Mirai on them.


Alrighty then, let's get this Photoshoot going.

Mirai: "Ah ah ah aaaaaaaaaaaah! First things first! Papa needs to go HERE and register me."

Silly Mirai, I've already done that. it was last night and you were a witness to it to. Remember?

Mirai: "Ohhhhhh oops! That's right you DID do that last night." ^//////^


Some good rules here.....wait WHA!? "Do not feed after midnight????" LOL seriously Danny??? XD


Mirai : "Um...papa, I do have a question....what did you get besides me?"

Well you're wearing one of the things I got with you, a larger bust.

Mirai: "O-ohhhhhh"

Don't get me wrong, you're absolutely cute with the bust you come with, but this makes you look really lovely.

Mirai: "Uh huh suuuuuuuuuuuuuure.......You just like girls with big boobs don't you papa?" :P


Mirai: "But then why didn't you get me any clothes?"

Mirai honey, what I got this time was all I COULD get at the moment...Don't worry once I'm through paying back Grandpa I'll get you some more accessories. You can even share with your sisters too. Plus I CAN make you some clothes, no problem, I'm actually in the process of making some clothes for one of my MDD friends too, so I might as well make something for you too.


Isn't she just ADORABLE!? ^0^ Oh gawd I think I'm gonna pass out from the cuteness!




And here's the other accessory I got with her...


What's Mirai without her traditional hairdo? :)





WOW she is soooo poseable! She puts the Volks body to shame!



And here's all that she came with...




Yes I'd like one Mirai to go please!

Mirai: "Ooooooh such a bad joke papa!" XD


Mirai: "Oh dear papa I hope you're not gonna tell me I'm......SACKED!"

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh =_____=


And here's a special treat for you my dear for being such a good sport for posing in your camisole and undies.

Mirai: "OOOOOH! PUPPY!" =D "For me!?"

Yeeeeeeees for you.



Mirai: "Heeheeheehee, I think I'm gonna like it here!" ^_^

That's all for now! Thanks for reading and viewing!

And Happy New Year to everyone!

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Birthday April 21st 1979 College Graduate Around or over 6' tall Loves Anime Loves Designing AutoCAD Trained User
USA · College Graduate and Proud Dollfie Dream Daddy!