Mim's Japan 2017 Trip Loot & Mirai visit

Mon 2017/04/03 13:19 JST
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Just got back from a crazy 14 day trip to Japan spanning Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Harkone and Tokyo.

Managed to find time to make it out to Danny's Mirai store in Tokyo, where a friend and I took the smart doll workshop and adopted our first smart dolls!

This is part of a 14 day Japan trip.
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Hope you enjoy the pics.

Pics via iPhone 6


Walking up to the store the first time. Manged to squeeze in a mini second visit later in the trip also.


That iconic window shot from outside.



Much cooler with some weathering.



Picking the parts out for our workshop. The process is more streamlined now with no special tools required as the main body has been pre-assembled. If you know what you're doing you should not need more than 20min for assembly.



The great man himself made a cameo. Was surprising to hear Danny mention seeing people from all over Australia bar Sydney.



Our freshly assembled smart dolls. Mine on the left.


Just clothes, no dolls in that total. Spent a further 30k y on the second visit later in the trip. At some point my wallet ran out of tears and simply expired.





One of a small handful of items that may only be purchased in store is the wedding dress.


Something to look forward to grabbing on my next trip perhaps?


Clothed up once I got back to the hotel.


R2-D2 is actually a hang round neck popcorn box from Disneyland. Not a bad deal getting him full of fresh popcorn for 2200y. The photo angle and his place in it makes him look small, but he was large enough to fit nearly all the smart doll clothing I bought for the trip back.


Both the Dollfie Dream cloths set and matching mike stand. Only mike stand I found on the trip and lucky me it was the one I was hoping for.


Grabbed a straight hair wig. That gun was the only Dollfie official one I found across five Mandarake stores I visited on the trip.


Grabbed a large bust. Would not recommend going higher than that if you wish for cloths to fit or you intend to use a bikini top. Also grabbed both sets of alternate hands. Gundam model kit for a workmate that likes puzzles.


Studio light and heavy duty display stand.


Bunny set was a small miscalculation being for 50cm dolls unlike Dollfie Dream and Danny's 60cm dolls. Live and learn. I have enough clothes for two more smart dolls. Figured I'd take advantage of no shipping, tax free and the 10% off from doing the workshop.

When it comes to Apple product cases for iPhone and iPad I went for a red theme so though I already had a large capacity portable battery, I grabbed this Sony one in Akihabara (because red), along with a super thin HDMI cable. I bring a HDMI cable and appropriate connector to play shows from my devices in hotel room TV's so every night was anime night :)



I found this Dollfie set on my treasure hunt across Japan, specifically in the Chaos Mandrake store Osaka for 12,000y. Something I researched prior to the trip.


Night shot using just the smart doll lamp.




Hard to see in this shot, but the set comes with thigh high socks and knee high zip up boots with high heels oh and a long fluffy cat tail. I'm so happy with that Dollfie Dream set that I'm going to keep an eye on Mandarake and Yahoo JP and buy some other sets in future.

The sharp eyed among you will spot Wow on the screen. Playing on Kronos, a Vanilla private server, while I wait for the FFXIV expansion later in the year.

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Life time student of all things Japan, music, culture, anime and associated vices
Sydney, Australia · Nendtaku - 360 unique full size and counting