Mim's 2017 Japan Trip Day 1

Tue 2017/04/11 16:11 JST
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Recently returned fresh from Japan so figured I'd sort through photo's and get some posted.

This trip all started as a suggestion to friends 14 months back. Of the four only one had been there and then only for two days so the group was pretty green.

Back in January 2016 I started piecing together the basic framework of a two week trip, what cities we would visit and places of interest. From the get go I wanted it to be an Otaku flavoured expedition so called it the Peter Pan Syndrome tour, for those that refuse to grow up!

As the months went by we locked in plane tickets and I turned my focus to the ground portion, which was handled through JTB travel. Big shout out to Yoshi in the Sydney branch for helping work through a number of teething issues, but we pulled through with a neat little trip in the end.

For those interested in seeing my 2013 trip, as perhaps a prelude to this mega one, it may be found here - http://www.figure.fm/en/post/47391/Mim+s+2013+Japan+Trip+Day+1.html

I'll be sticking to a similar blog format to my 2013 trip and there is a lot to get through so please be patient as I work through posting each day up.

Being a 14 day trip, I took 80,000y in cash and freed up my credit card (I only believe in owning one) as a backup. I like to travel light so only had a small hard case as checked in luggage, which weighed 9.2kg and a backpack as a carry on for my electronics and documents.

Speaking of electronics I took my iPad Mini 2 128gb, my iPhone 6 64gb, a travel battery pack and connectivity to play shows from either device onto the TV's of my hotel rooms.

I only bothered with clothes for just over half the trip as hotels provide access to an inexpensive laundry service so I made use of that to cut down on weight.

We went with a twin and triple share room format. I was one of the twin shares and along with return airfare via Qantas the air and ground, with tours and accommodation came to $4,500 AUD. That said I learned more lessons on this latest trip with where to save for future expeditions. For comparison my 2013 9 day trip was also $4,500.

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Pics via iPhone 6


Where every good adult trip starts. Duty free shopping in your departing city.



Some of the display's in Sydney's duty free zone are pretty whacky.



30 year vintage. That it comes with the pretty case is small consolation.


One of our group is a life time Qantas member flyer. He managed to track down a few more of these passes so the whole group could come along to the lounge.



There really was a nice selection of food on offer at a buffet and lots more was handed out in little bundles of freshly cooked joy for those sitting in the lounge like hot dogs and little fish and chips trays, but a shelf of help your self spirits takes the prize.


We had seats towards the rear of the plane that provided a little extra space, which was nice. Actually I found it was a more comfortable trip compared to my 2013 one. Perhaps due to having lost some weight and leaning up a little since. Incentive to keep it off and loose some more for my next trip perhaps?


As average as it looks, Plane food is actually pretty tasty. Might consider having a decent meal prior to flying and go for a cheaper airline that does not do meals though in future.


Redeye flight out of Sydney.


And I blinked and I was there!



Shuffled through customs, which is pretty painless and collected our bags. Then hopped on a connecting flight from Haneda Airport Tokyo to Osaka ITM.


So clean and organised. Saw ground crew even bowing to our plane as it departed.




In remembrance to the Tōhoku quake and Tsunami.



Birds eye view of Osaka. Flight only took 1 hr. In comparison a Shinkansen / bullet train ride on the fastest Nozomi 10 train took 90min, later in the trip to come back to Tokyo.




Nice view of Osaka castle and surrounding grounds from the air.





Took the Monorail to get to out hotel, which was on the site of the Osaka train station. Very convenient.


Checked into Hotel Granvia Osaka and then went for a walk.


A chain of stores across Japan. This one was more around stationary and wall scrolls related to Anime and manga comics than figures, but still interesting to see.


Had a sit down for some tea and cake.


Spotted something of interest in the same building our Hotel is in.











Hotel had a nice little bar for a small drink to unwind.




Dropped into the local Mandarake Osaka branch for some window shopping. Pic I took for a workmate back home that was looking to have me bring back one of the nice Masterpiece Transformers.


And some dinner in a nice little restaurant.



We also had Sushi and a bunch of other random hot and cold dishes.


That touch screen was essentially the ordering system. Once seated you tap through the menu's and then place your order and the ready item is delivered to your table. Pretty simple and efficient. Then you just state your table number and pay at the counter in the front of the establishment.


Always space for some dessert. In this case a little red bean paste / jam filled crunchy bundle of awesomeness.


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Life time student of all things Japan, music, culture, anime and associated vices
Sydney, Australia · Nendtaku - 360 unique full size and counting